WALLINGFORD.  New Haven County.--(Form of government, mayor, town council.)--Named, May, 1670. Town and borough consolidated, Jan. 1, 1958. Total area, 39.9 sq. miles, Land area, 39.0 sq. miles. Population, est., 44,331. Voting districts, 9. Principal industries, agriculture and manufacture of silverware, steel, plastic material and hardware. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Amtrak, buses of The Short Line of Conn., Inc.; Conn. Transit from New Haven and Double A Transp. Service locally. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Wallingford and Yalesville.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Kathryn F. Zandri; E-Mail, wlfdtownclerk@snet.net; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Recording Hours, 9:00 A.M.-4:45 P.M.; Address, Municipal Bldg., 45 South Main St., Rm. #108, 06492; Tel., (203) 294-2145; FAX, (203) 294-2150; Internet, www.town.wallingford.ct.us/.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Evelyn A. Fernandes, vacancy.--Mayor, William W. Dickinson, Jr. (R).--Town Council, James M. Vumbaco (D), Chm., Iris F. Papale (D), Vice Chm., Vincenzo M. DiNatale (D), Lois E. Doherty (R), Gerald E. Farrell, Jr. (R), Steven W. Knight (R), Robert F. Parisi (R), Michael T. Spiteri (D), Vincent F. Testa, Jr., (D); E-Mail, towncouncil.wlfd@sbcglobal.net.--Selectmen, Allen Bulmer, Roland Chapo, Walter Dubar.--Treas., Peter Murphy.--Bd. of Ethics, Laurie Manke, Chm., Mary Conant, G. Randolph Erskine, James L. Kendall, Brendan McCormick; Alternates, Jack Winkleman, two vacancies.--Comptroller, James Bowes.--Tax Collector, Richard Piekarski.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, David Baxter, Chm., Holly La Fond, William J. Pello.--Assessor, Shelby P. Jackson III.--Registrars of Voters, Diana Hotchkiss (D), Chester Miller (R).--Supt. of Schools, Kenneth V. Henrici.--Bd. of Education, Michael J. Votto, Chm., Joan Barbuto, Jennifer Cozzi-Hernandez, Valerie N. Ford, Carol A. Hayden, Thomas P. Hennessey, Karen A. Hlavac, Heather A. Laffin, Carla A. Perone, 2006.--Town Planner, Linda Bush; Asst., Mark DeVoe.--Planning and Zoning Comm., James Fitzsimmons, Chm., Marci Baxter, Vice Chm., Patrick Birney, David Fritz, James Seichter; Alternates, Gail Brooks-Lemkin, Douglas Harnois, Armand Menard; Kathleen Burns, Rec. Secy.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Jeffrey R. Knickerbocker, Chm., Robin Hettrick, Secy., Ellen A. Mandes, vacancy; Alternates, Wm. Andrew Barnett, David G. Parent, Joseph Severino; Sonja Vining, Rec. Secy.--Economic Development Comm., Richard Nunn, Chm., Joseph E. Mirra, Vice Chm., Beverly Belliveau, Gary J. Fappiano, Ellen Mandes, Rosemarie Preneta, James Wolfe; Donald Roe, Coordinator.--Housing Auth., Robert Prentice, Chm., Thomas Mezzei, Frederick L. Monahan, Jr., William Ulbrich, Chester Wojcik; Steven Nere, Exec. Dir.--Conservation Comm., Jeff Borne, Chm., Carl Arsenault, Mary Heffernon, John Lathrop, Martin Moore, James Pyskaty, Karen Vozarik.--Inlands Wetlands Comm., James Vitali, Chm., Ellen Deutsch, Nick Kern, Barbara Lagerstrom, Robert Selmecki; Alternates, James J. Heilman, Thomas Laffin, David May, Jr.--Environmental Planner, Erin O'Hare.--Housing Code Bd. of Appeals, Nicholas Murano, Chm., H. Lawrence Bourland, Rosario DiNoia, Marc Landow; Richard F. Boyne III, Inspector.--Pension Comm., Fred Valenti, Chm., William Farrell, Vincent Santacroce.--Personnel and Pensions Appeals Bd., Frederick Monahan, Jr., Chm., Matthew J. Furman, Shelby Jackson, Raymond L. Long, David Romano, Richard Vanski.--Comm. on Aging, Dianne Saunders, Pres., Lillian Blake, Margaret Butler, Joseph Cretella, Louise Ives, John Marriott, Carolyn Massoni, Eileen McMahon, Robert Mills, Grace Mordarski, Dolly Parisi, Ellen Phillips, William P. Simon, Celeste Yanni.--Youth and Social Services Dir., Craig Turner.--Dir. of Health, Eloise Hudd.--Bd. of Health, David Juliano, J. David McGaughey III, M.D., Robert L. Mullin, M.D., Kathy Neelon, Dolly Parisi, Ellen Phillips, vacancy; Dr. Delbert Smith, Med. Advisor.--Sanitarian, George P. Yasensky.--Library Bd. of Managers, John Bradley, Karen Caplan, Christine Dorsey, Claire Fowler, Marilyn Hausman, Louise Ives, Lisa Loeb, Don Lunt, Maria McBride, Cynara McPhail, Gerald Reid, Richard Rizzo, Jane Socha, Virginia Towle, Peggy Zambrano; Karen Roesler, Leslie Scherer, Dirs.--Recreation Comm., Roz Gallagher, Charles Johnson, Linda Mercuri, Phyllis Murray, Maynard Parker; vacancy, Dir.--Dir. of Public Works, Henry McCully; Supt., Edward Niland.--Purchasing Agent, Salvatore Amadeo; Stanley Brace, vacancy, Buyers.--Town Engineer, John Thompson.--Tree Warden, Henry McCully.--PUC, George Cooke, Chm., David Gessert, Richard Nunn; Raymond F. Smith, Dir.--Sealer of Weights and Measures, Wilfred Bryand.--Building Inspector, Richard F. Boyne III.--Building Bd. of Appeals, Peter J. Fresina, Chm., George Cotter, Robert DiPasquale, John Prophet, Anthony Roy.--Electric Div., Richard A. Hendershot.--Water and Sewer Div., Roger Dann.--Chief of Police, Douglas Dortenzio; Deputy, Tom Curran.--Constables, William R. Choti, Joseph DaCunto, Robert A. Jacques, John LeTourneau, Howard Marshall, William Nolan, Timothy Wall.--Chief of Fire Dept., Peter Struble; Asst., Guy Casanova.--Fire Marshal, Joseph P. Micalizzi, Jr.--Civil Preparedness, Ernest Frattini, Dir.--Town Atty., Janis Small; Corp. Counsel, Adam Mantzaris; Asst., Gerald E. Farrell, Sr.--Justices of the Peace, Raymond Arico, Robert Avery, Noma Beaumont, Roland A. Chapo, James C. Fitzsimmons, Elaine D. Johnson, Rita Katona, Nancy L. Lauretano, John LeTourneau, Andrew T. Rule, Jack Winkleman.

WARRENLitchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1786; taken from Kent. Total area, 27.6 sq. miles, Land area, 26.3 sq. miles. Population, est., 1,317. Voting district, 1. Principal industry, agriculture. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Postal rural free delivery from New Preston and Cornwall Bridge.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Carolyn E. Reynolds; Hours, 10:00 A.M.-12:00 Noon, Mon. and Fri.; 10:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Wed., Thurs.; Address, Town Hall, 7 Sackett Hill Rd., 06754-1713; Tel., Washington, (860) 868-0090; FAX, (860) 868-7746.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Linda P. Kennedy, Joanne C. Tiedmann.--Selectmen, 1st, Jack E. Travers (R) Tel., (860) 868-9030, Marion R. Smith (D), Calvin Tanner (R).--Treas., David C. Scofield; Deputies, Samford L. Maier, Constance Travers.--Bd. of Finance, James P. Richardson, Chm., William L. Hopkins, David Robinson, William F. Schnell, Lucinda T. Whitlow, Michael L. Wiser.--Tax Collector, Joanne C. Tiedmann; Assts., Linda P. Kennedy, Carolyn E. Reynolds.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Stephen D. Jacobs, Chm., Percy R. Allmand, Paul S. Taltavall.--Assessor, Linda Bertaccini.--Advisory Bd. of Assessors, Nancy Florio, Antoinette Richardson, Bernard E. Tanner.--Registrars of Voters, Ruth M. Schnell (D), Kathleen Angevine (R).--Supt. of Schools, Anthony J. Bivona.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Wayne Wilson, Chm., Susan H. Bates, Robert H. Bolte, Francis A. Breton, Brian R. Coyle, Christopher Fischer, Howard L. Lethbridge, John A. Miller, Thomas Sarsfield; Alternates, James Schullery, Gary White.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Ann Martindale, Chm., William L. Hopkins, David C. Scofield, Everett W. Vreeland, Irving J. Wasley; Alternates, Gary M. Curtiss, Ronald S. Miller, Werner W. Tiedmann.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Michael E. Ajello.--Conservation and Inland Wetlands Comm., Craig Nelson, Chm., Nancy Binns, Carmen McClain, Thomas Sarsfield, Cynthia Shook, Nancy T. Vreeland, vacancy; Alternates, three vacancies.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Jack E. Travers, Chm., Craig Nelson, Marion R. Smith, Calvin Tanner, Wayne P. Wilson.--Cemetery Comm., Percy Allmand, Kathleen Angevine, Bradford Johnson, Howard Lethbridge, Beecher Perkins, Bernard Tanner, Jack Travers, Irving Wasley, Dewey Young.--Comm. on Aging, Elaine Layman, Chm., Lawrence Rumble, vacancy.--Library Bd., Karen Andersen, Chm., Gerald Cowan, Marylyn Hendricks, Robert Martin, Toni Richardson, Jann Tanner, vacancy.--Parks and Recreation Comm., William Peters, Chm., Dean Ackerman, Russell Berry, Gordon Butts, Loreen J. Lethbridge, James Sheehan, Mary E. Stolle, Nancy Valine.--Building Inspector, Joseph Manley.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, vacancy.--Lake Auth., Edgar Berner, Gary Curtiss, William L. Hopkins.--Tree Warden, Daniel J. Dacey.--Chief of Police/Open Burning Control Officer, Jack E. Travers.--Chief of Fire Co., Robert J. Rumble.--Fire Marshal, Stanley MacMillan.--Civil Preparedness Dir., James Schultz.--Town Atty., Charles R. Ebersol, Jr.--Justices of the Peace, Kathleen L. Angevine, Robert H. Bolte, Gerald D. Cowan, Stephen D. Jacobs, Craig Nelson, Barbara W. Reynolds, Antoinette V. Richardson, Nancy C. J. Scofield, Joanne C. Tiedmann.

WASHINGTON.  Litchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Jan., 1779; taken from Woodbury, Litchfield, Kent and New Milford. Total area, 38.7 sq. miles, Land area, 38.2 sq. miles. Population, est., 3,697. Voting district, 1. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Washington, Washington Depot and New Preston-Marble Dale.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Sheila M. Anson, Hours, 9:00 A.M.-12:00 Noon, 1:00 P.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Fri. (for information on summer hours, call Town Clerk's office); Address, Bryan Memorial Town Hall, 2 Bryan Plaza, P.O. Box 383, Washington Depot 06794-0383; Tel., (860) 868-2786; FAX, (860) 868-3103; Internet, www.washingtonct.org.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Ruth M. Alex, Denise E. S. Arturi, Pamela L. Osborne.--Selectmen, 1st, Richard C. Sears (D) Tel., (860) 868-2259; FAX, (860) 868-3103, Nicholas N. Solley (D), Harry H. Wyant (R).--Treas., Linda L. McGarr.--Bd. of Finance, Michael C. Jackson, Chm., John Boyer, John H. Field, Mark E. Lyon, Craig G. Schoon, Rexford H. Swain; Alternates, Lisabeth D. Adams, John J. Allen, Barbara W. Brown.--Tax Collector, Tanya J. Wescott; Asst., Barbara M. Boucher.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Ann Fisher Bruzzi, Chm., John J. Allen, Roderick M. Wyant III.--Assessor, Barbara S. Johnson; Asst., Denise E. S. Arturi.--Registrars of Voters, Constance P. Kaylor (D), Lillian R. Lyon (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Richard Carmelich, Jr.--Bd. of Education, Irene Allan, Chm., Valerie J. Andersen, James Hirschfield, Jay Hubelbank, 2005; Michael T. Gorra, Lawrence H. O'Toole, 2007.--Planning Comm., Adelaide Roberts, Chm., Christopher D. Charles, Vice Chm., Frederick N. Byerly, Sarah E. Gager, Dimitri D. Rimsky; Alternates, R. William Fairbairn, J. Winston Fowlkes III, Paul Frank.--Zoning Comm., Henry R. Martin, Chm., Gary L. Fitzherbert, Valerie Friedman, David L. Owen, Alice C. Page; Alternates, Luis Abella, James Brinton, Andrew O. Shapiro.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Michael Ajello.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Edmund J. White, Chm., Katherine K. Leab, Mary J. Roberts, Bradford T. Sedito, Randolph W. Snook; Alternates, Todd B. Catlin, Georgianna L. Middlebrook, vacancy.--Building and Property Comm., John J. Allen, Reese T. Owens, David E. Showalter, Sr.--Inland Wetlands Enforcement Officer, Michael Ajello; Hearing Officers, Robert H. Furth, James Powers.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Mark E. Picton, Chm., Helen Gray, Dorothy G. Hill, Charles LaMuniere, Marguerite W. Purnell; Alternates, Anthony J. Bedini, Kathryn E. Coe, Candace A. Korzenko.--Historic Dist. Comm., Paul Graney, Chm., Alison G. Picton, William H. Smith, Peter Talbot, Charles T. Treadway III; Alternates, Jane Boyer, Ronald K. Chute, Elizabeth M. Rives.--Agent for the Elderly/Senior Center Dir., Pamela F. Collins.--Dir. of Health, Michael Crespan, New Milford Health Dept.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Sheila M. Anson, Chm., Timothy A. Cook, Vice Chm., Joseph B. Fredlund, Vice Chm., Joan M. Gauthey, Holly Z. Haas, Christopher J. Kersten, Louis G. Magnoli, Raymond W. Reich; Lisa Easter, Rec. Coord.--Conservation Comm., Susan Payne, Chm., Kelly Boling, Elizabeth Corrigan, Joseph Gitterman III, Phillip Markert; Alternates, Diane M. Dupuis, Linda Frank, Daniel D. Sherr.--Judea Cemetery Comm., Dennis Hussey, Chm., Ruth M. Alex, Phyllis Allen, Nelly Condon, Georgia P. Whitney.--Tree Warden, William C. Bader.--Building Inspector, William Jenks.--Animal Control Officer, Cynthia F. Brissett.--Northwestern Regional Tourism Dist., Nancy Conant.--A.D.A. Coordinator, Gary Fitzherbert.--BRRFOC/TROC Rep., Randolph Snook.--Lake Auth., Edwin S. Matthews, Jr., Sandra J. Papsin, Dean A. Sarjeant.--Resident Trooper, Stephen F. Sordi.--Police Officers, Ronald J. Dorazio, Herbert G. Furhman, Patrick J. Kessler, Caleb Shropshire, John M. Wyshynski.--Marine Officers, Robin Feret, Scott D. Flaton, Francis J. Vallely.--Chief of Fire Dept., Matthew J. Somerset.--Fire Marshal, Donald S. Etherington.--Emergency Management Dir., Robert J. Tomlinson; Deputy, Thomas L. Hearn.--Town Atty., David Miles.--Justices of the Peace, Frank Adams, Randall J. Breeckner, Ann Fisher Bruzzi, Matthew W. Cain, Kenneth Cornet, Reginald W. Fairbairn, Edith C. Johnson, Adam J. Korpalski, Daniel J. Leab, John J. Muckstadt, Joseph A. Mustich, John Olear, Davyne E. Verstandig, Joshua M. Weiner, Sr.

WATERBURY. New Haven County.--(Form of government, mayor, board of aldermen.)--Town inc., May, 1686; city inc., 1853; town and city consolidated, 1902. Total area, 28.9 sq. miles, Land area, 28.6 sq. miles. Population, est., 108,130. Voting districts, 23. Principal industries, known as the "Brass City" and the leading manufacturer of brass and copper products, clocks and watches. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Metro North Commuter Railroad Co. and buses of Bonanza Bus Lines, Inc. from Hartford and Danbury; The Conn. Transit from New Haven; North East Transp. Co., Inc. locally. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Waterbury.

CITY AND TOWN OFFICERS. Town Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Antoinette C. Spinelli; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, City Hall, 235 Grand St., 06702-1983; Tel., (203) 574-6806; FAX, (203) 574-6887; E-Mail, aspinelli.wtby@snet.net.--Asst. Town Clerk, Aldona Levanas.--Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Karen Mowad.--City Clerk, Avery J. Gaddis; Hours, 8:50 A.M.-4:50 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, 236 Grand St.; Tel., (203) 574-6741; Asst. City Clerk, vacancy.--Internet, www.waterbury-ct.gov.--Mayor, Michael J. Jarjura (D) Tel., (203) 574-6712, FAX, (203) 574-6804, Chm., ex officio of the Bds. of Comrs. of Public Works, City Plan Comm., Inland Wetlands Comm., Police Comrs., Fire Comrs., Health, Park Bd., and Bd. of Education.--Bd. of Aldermen, J. Paul Vance, Jr., Pres., Cicero B. Booker, Jr., Frank A. Burgio, Sr., Larry B. Butler, Francis J. Caiazzo, Jr., Paul D. D'Angelo, Michael T. D'Occhio, Sergio Longo, Martin J. Misset, Laura J. Nesta, Paul M. Nogueira, Paul K. Pernerewski, Jr., Anthony T. Piccochi, Sandra Ramirez, Laurie Singer Russo.--City Sheriff, Stephen M. Conway.--Registrars of Voters, Patricia M. Mulhall (D), Nancy A. Vitarelli (R).--Dir. of Finance, vacancy.--Budget Dir., Ofelia Matos.--Dir. of Audit, vacancy.--Collector of Revenue, Mary Nardini.--Finance and Audit Review Comm., Joseph Bannon, Paul Buzzelli, Andrew Goldstein, Francisco Gomes, Jr., Frank Longo, Dennis Odle, Doug Rinaldi.--Assessor, David Dietsch.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Vincent Leone, Louis Perugini, vacancy.--Supt. of Schools, David L. Snead, Ph.D.--Bd. of Education, John F. Alseph, Jr., David Burgos, Kathy A. Flaherty, Cheryl A. Gatling, Richard D. Geremia, 2005; Patrick J. Hayes, Jr., Pres., Joyce H. Petteway, John E. Theriault, James H. Uriano, Mary S. White, 2007.--Personnel Dir., H. James Haselkamp, Jr.--Civil Service Comm., Allyn DeMaida, Francis Ford, Gary P. Keating, Adam Simonsen, Joseph Ubaldi.--Bd. of Ethics, Betty Corbett, Joseph D'Orso, Jr., Lois Koss, Maureen Norris, vacancy.--Retirement Bd., Greg Everett, Steven Giacomi, Brian Harris, Patrick Jones, Robert Lyons, Lisa Martin, J. Paul Vance, Jr.--City Plan Comm., Mark A. Casey, Leonard Coviello, Kevin Egan, Miguel Fuentes, Martin J. Misset, Samuel E. Rush, James D. Szynkiewicz.--City Planner, James A. Sequin.--Zoning Comm., Ernest Brunelli, Michael Davino, John Egan, Gennaro Genua, Paul Martelli, Paul K. Pernerewski, Jr., Giuseppe Pisani.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Joseph Caiazzo, John Christofano, Patricia Goodin, Manuel A. Jesus, vacancy; Alternates, Kimberly Kenneson, John Torrance, vacancy.--Zoning Enforcement Officer/Building Official, E. Gil Graveline.--Waterbury Development Corp., Richard Allman, Catherine Awwad, Frederick W. Blasius, Jon Jay DeTemple, Leo Frank, James H. Gatling, Rafael Herrera, Charles Hoffler, Michael J. Jarjura, Frederick L. Leudke, William Morris, Laura Nesta, Paul K. Pernerewski, Jr., Robert Ritz, Stephen Sasala, Joseph Savoy, Hal Smith, John H. Tobin, J. Paul Vance, Jr., Sandra Vigliotti, Bettejane Wesson, Joseph Yamin, C. Robert Zelinger, John Zinno.--Housing Auth., F. David Corbett, Carl Ianantuoni, Arthur Jones, Patrick Maloney.--Housing Assistance Program Dir., Arnold Arnajallum, Larry Butler, Jean Paul Irizarry, Fanny Marone, Lisa Mason, Jose Morales, vacancy.--Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Comm., Patrick Cooney, Anabel Jesus, Kathleen McNamara, Paul Nogueira, Patrick Zailckas.--Environmental Control Comm., Michael T. D'Occhio, Gail Girch, Frank Locke, Sr., Daniel McNamara, Sharon Ogrodnik, Saverio Romanelli, Steven Schrag.--Litter Control and Beautification Comm., Diane Johnson, Martin Misset, Jessica Morea, Ronald Napoli, Bernadine Orintas, Mike Ptak, vacancy.--Human Rights Comm., Larry B. Butler, Nelsilda Collado, Olga Guerrera, Thomas Mallory, Patricia Mayfield, Edward Mossa, Richard Roland, Martin Spring, Judith Walters.--Human Services Comm., Amanda Alvarado, Lawrence Dunn, JoAnn Foley, Linda Jacovino, Norman Lezotte, Sandra Ramirez, Joyce Templeton.--Acting Dir. of Health, Roseann Wright.--Chief Sanitarian, Paul Vitarelli.--Bd. of Public Health, Kathleen Caiazzo, Suzanne Casey, Sabato D'Ambrosi, Kathleen Flaherty, Laurie Singer Russo, Carmella Schaeffer, vacancy.--Library Dirs., Susan Beatty, Philip Benevento, Genevieve Cavallerano, Nelson Hart, Mark McKee, Charles Monagan, Brian Murphy, Lana K. Ogrodnik, Daniel J. Ryan, Morris Stein, Valerie Stolfi, Katherine Upson.--Arts and Tourism, Elvira Cordelli, Victoria DiChiara, Cynthia Galvin, Tracy Giorgio, Sandra Ramirez, Barbara Sticco, Maxine Watts.--City Historian, Phillip Benevento.--Supvr. of Parks, James Nemec.--Bd. of Park Comrs., Joseph Begnal, Jr., William DeMaida, Ronald Napoli, Jr., Anthony Piccochi, John Reardon, Charles Schaeffer, Jr., Lynn Signori.--Dir. of Public Works, John Lawlor; Deputy Dir., David Simpson.--Supvr. of Streets, Robert Roland.--City Engineer, vacancy.--Bd. of Public Works, John Barbino, Francis T. Calabro, Sr., Thomas P. Crean, Brian J. Mays, Christopher O'Toole, Anthony Piccochi, Domenic Piombo.--Purchasing Agent, Rocco Orso.--Sealer of Weights and Measures, Robert Lance.--Supt. of Water, Kenneth R. Skov.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, vacancy.--Supt. of Waste Treatment, Lynn McHale.--Greater Waterbury Transit Dist., John Hubert, Dr. Yvonne Smith.--Police Chief, Neil O'Leary.--Police Comm., Paul Ciochetti, Christian D'Orso, Raymond Gatling, Vincent Graziano, Jorge L. Irizarry, Paul Nogueira, William Pizzuto.--Constables, Donald M. Cipriano, Robert Gaetano, Jerry Gardino, Karen Mulcahy, Nicholas J. Parillo, George Rollo, Thomas Scacco, Robert Sullivan.--Fire Chief, Michael Maglione.--Fire Marshal, Carmen Mallamaci.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., John Battaglia, Joyce Carozza, Christopher Casey, Michael T. D'Occhio, Edmond T. Gerardi, Richard Lanza, Domenic Mannello.--Office of Emergency Management, Adam Rinko.--Corp. Counsel, Craig Sullivan.--Justices of the Peace, John F. Alseph, Jr., Arnold Arnajallum, Jorge Astacio, Yolanda L. Berbick, Linda A. Carlone, Mark A. Casey, Dolores G. Cesare, Wanda Chiles, F. David Corbett, Leonard P. Coviello, Jr., Ivelisse A. Cruz, Kevin J. Daly, Jr., Allyn N. DeMaida, David M. DeNicola, Frances E. DePillo, Dominick S. Diemunsch, Donald G. Donahue, Jr., Joseph A. D'Orso, Jr., Timothy J. Fagan, Raymond L. Gatling, Fred L. Giusti, Brian F. Goggin, Patricia E. Goodin, Olga I. Guerrera, Alan H. Hertzmark, Dolores C. Jacovino, Michael J. Jarjura, Jennie Johnsky, Sherry L. Knipstein, Deborah T. Lewis, Amparo Lopez, Lillian J. Maffia, John B. Maia, Carmen J. Mallamaci, Thomas W. Mallory, Jr., Irena E. Marino, William D. McGrail, Cathy A. Miket, Brian J. Mongelluzzo, Patrick G. Mulhall, Paul M. Nogueira, Lana D. Ogrodnik, Jerry P. Padula, Paul K. Pernerewski, Jr., Mary Jean Pisani, William J. Pizzuto, Donald J. Reilly, Migdalia Rosario, Samuel E. Rush, Deborah D. Sullivan, James L. Sullivan, Jr., Charles Svitlik, Jr., Joseph D. Ubaldi, James H. Uriano, Daniel R. Valletta, J. Paul Vance, Jr., Judith A. Walters, Richard J. White, Sr., Robert W. Wilke, F. Patrick Zailckas, Mary Jane Zarrella.

WATERFORD. New London County.--(Form of government, representative town meeting, selectmen, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1801; taken from New London. Total area, 44.4 sq. miles, Land area, 32.8 sq. miles. Population, est., 19,034. Voting districts, 4. Suburban Transp.--Freight: Served by Providence and Worcester Co., Central Vermont Railway and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Waterford and Quaker Hill.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Robert M. Nye; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 15 Rope Ferry Rd., 06385-2806; Internet, www.waterfordct.org/; Tel., (860) 442-0553; FAX, (860) 437-0352.--Deputy Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Diane Keemon.--Asst. Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, vacancy.--Representative Town Meeting Moderator, Alan H. Gardiner.--Selectmen, 1st, Paul B. Eccard (WI) Tel., (860) 442-0553, Peter W. Davis (R), Cheryl R. Larder (D).--Treas., Anthony Joyce.--Bd. of Finance, Kenneth D. Brown, Chm., Thomas F. Burns, Ronald R. Fedor, George A. Peteros, John W. Sheehan, G. Brian Vachris, Alan Wilensky.--Dir. of Finance, Ruth Beers.--Tax Collector, Mark Burnham.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Wendy L. Fontaine, Sarah G. King, vacancy.--Assessor, Michael A. Bekech.--Registrars of Voters, Wendy Pias (D), Jane B. Coville (R).--Supt. of Schools, Randall H. Collins.--Bd. of Education, April Cairns, Raymond W. Hasse, Jr., Kathleen M. McCarty, Anne L. Ogden, 2005; Gregory A. Benoit, Donald B. Blevins, Kevin J. Brunelle, Jody M. Nazarchyk, John N. Taglianetti, 2007.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Edwin J. Maguire, Chm., Joseph Auwood, Gertrud Blinderman, Gwen Hughes, Karen Krohn; Alternates, Henry Daniels, Bruce Kruszewski, Thomas Ward.--Planning Dir., Thomas V. Wagner.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Dennis J. Alfera, E. Peter Bendfeldt, Mark E. Geer, Ivy L. Plis, Janet Rosenberg; Alternates, Denise P. Ansell, Norman K. Crawford, Jonathan King.--Zoning Official, Thomas Zanarini.--Economic Development Comm., Roger W. Hassard, Peter A. Karpinski, William R. Kenyon, Richard Rubin, Jesse R. Wenzel.--Housing Code Bd. of Appeals, Christopher L. Callahan, Edward M. Goldberg, Thomas P. Phelps, vacancy; Alternates, James Cushing, two vacancies.--Housing Auth., Alex Antipoff, Diana Cramer, Joan C. Simones, three vacancies.--Conservation Comm., Gary Johnson, Chm., Alan H. Briggs, Henry F. Curtis, Keith Kreit, Suzanne B. Mahon, Jeffrey Sims, Wade M. Thomas; Alternates, Henry Hansen, Jr., Ed Molans, vacancy.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., David Benvenuti, Chm., Christopher L. Callahan, George R. Harran, Joann Hodge, Gerald E. Holmberg, Howard B. Russ, vacancy.--Personnel Review Bd., Rosalyn C. DuPuis, Jonathan King, Thomas P. Phelps, Jonathan T. Porges, Rik W. Wells.--Senior Citizens Comm., Patricia G. Ryan, Chm., Ruth A. Auwood, Mary K. Carlough, Carl E. Kimmons, Dolores V. LoPrinze, Kathleen A. McNamara, Rosemarie Pacholski, Joyce Vlaun.--Dir. of Senior Services/Agent for the Elderly, Sean P. Kane.--Dir. of Health/Sanitarian, Frances Crowley, M.P.H.--Visiting Nurses of Southeastern CT, Mary L. Lenzini.--Library Trustees, Gregory A. Benoit, Fred Brucoli, Lee Couture, David B. Fairman, Constance B. Giordano, Clifford Grandjean, Gail Hamsher, Cynthia B. Lawrence, Stephen J. Negri, Theodore Olynciw, Bernard J. Pisacich, Grant Ritter.--Municipal Historian, Robert M. Nye.--Historic Properties Comm., Teresa D. Brastow, John J. O'Neill, Jeanne Shelburn, John A. Steffian, William J. Whelan, Jr.; Alternates, Barun K. Basu, James E. Finley, vacancy.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Robert Brule, Chm., Fred Brucoli, Aspasia Kanabis, Sandra Niedojadlo, Jack O'Keefe, Nan Scheiber, Warren Swanson, William Whelan, Jr., John Woroby; Brian Flaherty, Dir.--Dir. of Public Works, Ronald Cusano; Asst., Stephen Steadman.--Supt. of Highways, Donald Brigham, Jr.--Tree Warden/Town Engineer, Ronald Cusano.--Building Official, Frank Hoagland.--Building Bd. of Appeals, Robert Senkow, Chm., Russell DiNoto, Maurice Grenier, Donald Macrino, George W. White, Jr.--Utility Comm., Peter M. Green, Chm., James E. Farina, Dominic Fraioli, Richard W. Gaenzle, Kenneth Kirkman.--Waterford Shellfish Comm., William Steinmiller, Chm., Justin Davis, Douglas W. Lawson, Arthur Maddalena, Joyce Meehan, Anthony Siderewicz, Terry D. Simmons; Alternates, Richard R. Miller, Jr., Richard F. Muckle, vacancy.--Waterford/East Lyme Shellfish Comm., Fred C. Grimsey, Jr., J. Patrick Kelly, Richard Miller, Brian T. Sullivan.--Chief of Police, Murray Pendleton.--Police Comm., Robert L. Andreoli, Maurice Blinderman, John DiFederico, Paul B. Eccard, Margaret M. Poulios.--Chiefs of Fire Dept., Jeffrey L. Lathrop (Oswegatchie); Thomas Dembek (Goshen); William Henderson (Cohanzie); Richard T. Kirchhoff (Quaker Hill); Michael Smith (Jordan).--Admin. of Fire Services, Bruce A. Miller; Deputy, Peter Schlink.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Donald L. Chapman, Sr., Robert E. Darrow, Joseph C. Martin, Jr., Richard T. Morgan, Jr., Eric Munsell.--Emergency Management Coord., Karen Ferrara.--Town Atty., Kepple, Morgan and Avena P.C.--Justices of the Peace, Thomas F. Ammirati, Gina B. Barber, E. Peter Bendfeldt, Joan H. Bendfeldt, Marcelle Boisvert, Fred Brucoli, Kevin Brunelle, Mark Burnham, Robert G. Buttinger, April Cairns, Muriel Cairns, Christopher L. Callahan, Mary K. Carlough, George P. Constantine, Judith A. Coughlin, Jane B. Coville, Diana Cramer, Edward I. Cramer, Norman K. Crawford, Grace Curtis, Otello Desiderato, William P. Donovan, Susan Driscoll, Rosalyn C. Dupuis, Stuart J. Fishbone, Laura P. Fitch, Wendy Louise Fontaine, Alan H. Gardiner, Elaine C. Gardner, Lee Ann Graham, Janet Hanney, John Hollis, John K. Hunter, Susan A. Hurd, Christopher R. Jones, John P. Kamishlian, Sean Kane, Kenneth Kirkman, Ann M. Koletsky, Keith W. Kriet, Bruce A. Kruszewski, Cheryl R. Larder, Mary Ann Madara, Ralph N. Madara, Sara G. Mallari, Diane P. Maran, Susan McCaslin, Brendan McGuirk, Alan D. McNeely, J. Morgan Miner, Jr., James M. Miner III, Mary L. Mingo, Richard F. Muckle, Stephen Negri, Ann Nye, Robert M. Nye, Theodore Olynciw, Margaret Y. Ormond, Dominic Paddock, Sr., Barbara A. Panciera, Joseph A. Parise, Edward Pellegri, George Peteros, Robert I. Reardon, Sr., Elizabeth Ritter, Gary W. Saunders, Kenneth P. Scarpa, Robert L. Senkow, Paul L. Severance, John Sheehan, Thomas A. Sheridan, Mariea D. Spencer, Elaine Stattler, Edward Stein, Andrea L. Stillman, Andonette L. Strazza, Mary B. Strout, Michael R. Strout, George R. Strutt, Paul A. Suprin, George B. Vachris, Joyce M. Vlaun, Lawrence R. Voyer, James W. Wadlow, Jr., Sharon Walker, William E. Weisert II, William J. Whelan, Jr., George C. White, Victor Wright, Robert P. Zysk.

WATERTOWN. Litchfield County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council, town meeting.)--Inc., May, 1780; taken from Waterbury. Total area, 29.6 sq. miles, Land area, 29.2 sq. miles. Population, est., 22,178. Voting districts, 4. Principal industries, manufacture of plastics, rayon, silk, nylon, mattresses, brass goods, metal coloring, wire goods and watches. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of North East Transp. Co., Inc. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Watertown and Oakville.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Virginia M. Stewart; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 37 DeForest St., 06795-2200; E-Mail, stewart@watertownct.org; Internet, www.watertownct.org/; Tel., (860) 945-5230; FAX, (860) 945-2706.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Nancy Cunningham, Virginia Russo.--Town Manager, Meredith S. Robson.; Asst. Town Mgr./Finance Dir., Frank J. Nardelli, Jr.--Town Council, Robert J. Kane, Chm., J. Raymond Hebert, Jr., Vice Chm., Elaine H. Adams, Karl R. Fisher, Kevin Killeen, Raymond F. Primini, Paul H. Rinaldi, Paul V. Valenti, Richard H. Wick.--Treas., Shirley Dorazio.--Tax Collector, Mary L. DiSisto.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Gary Stewart, Chm., Alan Mickel, James R. Walsh.--Assessor, Carolyn Nadeau.--Registrars of Voters, Elaine Ayotte (D), David Dalton (R).--Interim Supt. of Schools, Michael Abdalla.--Bd. of Education, Mary Ann Rosa, Chm., Victor S. Vicenzi, Jr., Vice Chm., Gina L. Calabrese, Charles J. Fenn, James E. Marks, Joanne H. Pannone, 2005; Maureen S. Caine, Mary I. Colangelo, Mary Dzioba, 2007.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Judith Wick, Chm., Wilbur S. Hughes, Vice Chm., Jeff Franson, Gary Martin, Michael Masayda, David Minnich, Ronald Russ; Alternates, James Lukasavage, Ray Rondeau, George Velezis.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Enrico Sarandrea, Chm., Mary Bisson, John Griffith, Roger Mitchell, Philippe Roger; Alternates, Chris Lafferty, Scott Stewart, vacancy.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Mary Barton.--Economic Development Comm., George Velezis, Chm., Denise Benemerito, Norman Marcoux, Joe McGrail, Theodore Migliarese, Jack E. Traver.--Housing Auth., Ronald Russo, Chm., Norman Caffrey, Andrew Gionta, Peter McHale, John McHugh; Linda Evans, Exec. Dir.--Conservation and Inland Wetlands Comm., Bernard Beauchamp, Glen Duplissie, Ronald Jones, Joseph Polletta, Charles A. Thermer, Edwin M. Undercuffler, Jim Zawadski; Alternates, Peter Peluso, Denise Russ, Martha S. Sturges.--Comm. on Aging, Coreine Peluso, Chm., Melanie Flaherty, Leslie House, Helen Lukowski, Kristy Ortiz, Amy Porter, Virginia Russo, Kathleen Williams, Wanda Witty.--Public Building Comm., Robert Porter, Chm., Remo J. Ceniccola, John Chipko, Peter Dzioba, Anthony Fusco, Karl Kuegler, Douglas Leach, John Orsini, vacancy.--Agent for the Elderly/Dir. of Social Services, Darylle Willenbrock.--Library Bd. of Trustees, Deborah Weinberger, Pres., Francis Kaminski, Vice Pres., Marie Allen, David Bodor, William Dunbar, Charles Frigon, Jeffrey S. Grenier, Ted Heavenrich, John Noyes, Jo-Ann Schiefflin; Stephen Collette, Town Council Appointee.--Municipal Historian, Florence Crowell.--Watertown Historic Dist. Comm., Jean King, Chm., Carol Gilbert, Patricia Kropp, Ronald Mayne, Robert McCarthy; Alternates, Nancy Kinsella, Paul H. Rinaldi, vacancy.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Rosalie Loughran, Chm., Salvatore LaRosa, Teresa Mitchell, Diane Ruggiers, Ronald Russo, Peter Tomsheck, Jan Wivestad; Lisa Carew, Rec. Dir.; Harry Ward, Parks Dir.--Dir. of Public Works/Tree Warden, Roy Cavanaugh.--Town Engineer, Chuck Berger.--Purchasing Agent, Charles Frigon.--Building Inspector, Richard Fusco.--Water and Sewer Auth., Khrystyne Keane, Chm., Susan Atwood, Nicholas Biello, William Hedberg, John Keet, Joseph McGrail, Michael J. Vernovai, Sr.--Chief of Police, John F. Carroll, Jr.--Police Comm., Thomas Durso, Chm., Karl Keugler, Joseph Pawlak, Judith Pilicy, Gary Stewart.--Constables, Karl Keugler, Khrystyne Keane, Gary Lafferty, Gerald Langlais, Salvatore LaRosa, Robert Porter, Scott Stewart.--Chief of Fire Dept., Larry R. Black; Deputy, David Hardt.--Fire Marshal, O'Neill Burrows.--Civil Preparedness Dir., David Hardt.--Town Atty., Randall McHugh.--Justices of the Peace, Elaine H. Adams, Robert J. Baribault, Bernard C. Beauchamp, Nicholas M. Biello, Jane H. Blakeman, James J. Bonsignore, William F. Breg, Sean C. Butterly, Maureen S. Caine, Katherine A. Camara, Lisa M. Cattaneo, Mary I. Colangelo, Patricia A. Conti, Nancy M. Cunningham, David C. Dalton, Audra E. DeFoe, Sharon A. Demers, Mary L. DiSisto, Mary M. Dzioba, Karl R. Fisher, Brian J. Flaherty, Andre J. Fournier, Anthony N. Fusco, Nicholas A. Fusco, Richard J. Fusco, Elaine D. Hazelton, Joseph E. Horzepa, Leslie J. House, Wilbur S. Hughes, Geoffrey M. Hulstrunk, Suzanne Khrystyne Keane, Stephen P. Kiraly, Allan A. Krasnow, Betty A. Krayeske, Patricia A. Kropp, Karl P. Kuegler, Gerald C. Langlais, Joseph S. Lantiere, Salvatore J. LaRosa, Robert P. LeBlanc, Rosalie G. Loughran, Barbara A. Marchand, Michael W. Medina, Alan D. Mickel, Mary E. Miley, Teresa P. Mitchell, Eugene A. Murphy, Jr., Johnna Neurakis, John M. O'Brien, Marion A. Owen, Eric J. Palladino, Joanne Pannone, Michelle J. Pannullo, Coreine L. Peluso, Franklin G. Pilicy, Robert M. Porter, Paul H. Rinaldi, John M. Robb, Sr., Stephen J. Robey, Denise T. Russ, Ronald M. Russ, Ronald Russo, Erica L. Sherman, Robert C. Shuhart, John F. Silveira, Katharine W. Smith, Frederic D. Sorcinelli, Sr., Virginia M. Stewart, Elizabeth W. Street, Janine Thomas, Edward J. Thompson, Jack E. Traver, Paul V. Valenti, George A. Velezis, Victoria A. Verno, Michael J. Vernovai, Sr., John O. Vitone, Ronald F. Webb.

WESTBROOK. Middlesex County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1840; taken from Saybrook (Deep River). Total area, 21.4 sq. miles, Land area, 15.7 sq. miles. Population, est., 6,583. Voting district, 1. Principal industries, fishing, woodworking, electronics, aircraft and missile parts, concrete blocks, auto sales, boat rentals and sales, marinas, summer resorts and Westbrook factory stores. Freight: Served by Conrail, Providence and Worcester Co. and numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Westbrook. Rural free delivery.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Lori A. Baldi; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon. through Wed.; 9:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M., Thurs.; 9:00 A.M.-12:00 Noon, Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 866 Boston Post Rd., 06498-1881; Tel., (860) 399-3044; Internet, www.westbrookct.us/; E-Mail, lbaldi@westbrookct.us; FAX, (860) 399-9832, FAX, (860) 399-3092.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Debra A. Clark, Ellen D. Paterson.--Selectmen, 1st, Tony A. Palermo (D) Tel., (860) 399-3040, Sally J. Greaves (D), Barbara J. Reeve (R).--Treas., Mary Beth Joyce; Deputy, Carol Hess.--Bd. of Finance, Anthony P. Marino, Chm., John J. Ferrara, Gary F. Gavigan, Melody F. Oryl, Sherry A. Seidman, vacancy.--Tax Collector, Kimberly K. Bratz.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Theresa E. Thomas, Chm., Eunice M. Palumbo, John D. Philbin.--Assessor, Ivan Kuvalanka.--Registrars of Voters, Patricia L. Moran (D), Lorraine M. Cenkus (R).--Supt. of Schools, John W. Sullivan, Ph.D.--Bd. of Education, Daniel J. Cyr, Chm., Matthew J. Alaimo, Lois W. Bancroft, 2005; Lisa J. Forsman, Myrna P. Keryc, Jeannette R. Stevenson, 2007; Diane Bielawa, Reagan M. Krane, Maureen E. Westbrook, 2009.--Planning Comm., Marilyn M. Ozols, Chm., Philip J. Bassett, Carole A. Ketelsen, Thomas Mayo, William W. Neale; Alternates, John A. Matthieu, Mark Persutti, Donna J. Sicuranza.--Zoning Comm., Rannells King, Chm., Eve Barakos, Margaret D. Gibson, Harry P. Ruppenicker, Jr., vacancy; Alternates, Lee Michelle Bridgewater, Christopher Ehlert, Don Forgey.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, John L. Hall III, Chm., John R. Boehme, Mark D. Damiani, Richard M. Gallacher, George B. Rehberg; Alternates, Charles A. Lewis, Jr., Albert R. Quarti, vacancy.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Anthony J. Beccia.--Economic Development Comm., Ross Cushman, Chm., James M. Crawford, Robert Godiksen, Sidney J. Holbrook, Linda S. Nolf, two vacancies.--Conservation Comm., Thomas M. Odell, Chm., Richmond R. J. Bell, Phillip M. Einsmann, Sr., James H. Hunicke, Martin Marx, Michael S. Oryl, Sr., Robert A. Peterson.--Inland Wetlands/Watercourses Comm., John C. Clements, Chm., Kevin R. Brown, David L. Stein, four vacancies; Heidi K. Wallace, Enforcement Officer; Alternates, Nicholas D'Amico, James E. Neil.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Sally J. Greaves, Tony A. Palermo, Barbara J. Reeve.--Municipal Agent for the Elderly/Dir. of Social Services, Kimberly Riggio.--Dir. of Health, Robert W. Powitz, Ph.D., M.P.H.--Public Health Nursing Bd., Gina Fifield, Chm., Kimberly Bennett, Daniel Bowes, Ellen Fredericks, Frank X. Geissler, Donna Hardy, Elizabeth H. Lynskey, Denise Mason, George Pytlik.--Library Dirs., Kathleen E. Cietanno, Chm., Lori A. Baldi, Elaine A. Beals, Teresa S. Gavigan, Shirley S. Lusk, Marilyn H. Maynard, Dodie A. McGrath, Alan W. Parker, Norma F. Roman.--Municipal Historian, vacancy.--Historical Society, Sally Correll, Pres.--Bd. of Recreation, Richard Ronne, Chm., Evelyn M. Corda, Jeffrey E. Higgins, Pat Labbadia III, Lawrence M. Litevich, Hilary C. Loftus, Joseph F. Tempesta, Henry J. Teskey, Elizabeth R. Twigg.--Tree Warden, John A. Riggio.--Building Inspector/Sanitarian, vacancy.--Sanitarian, Mary Jane Engle.--Regional Building Code Bd. of Appeals, vacancy.--Harbor Comm., Jonathan Lovejoy, Chm., Philip J. Bassett, James H. Hunicke, Frank T. Lane, Harry P. Ruppenicker, Sr., Ronny L. Stevenson; Leonard J. Mierzejewski, Harbor Master; Alternates, Alan W. Parker, Lee Tyrol.--Shellfish Comm., Robert H. Post, Chm., Leonard J. Mierzejewski, Gary R. Nolf, Keith Rich, David K. Russell.--Constables, Michael R. McKenna, Lawrence Merrill, Rhea Milardo, Michael S. Oryl, Jr., Robert C. Powers, Joseph Pucillo, Benjamin Quinones, Mark Wyzykowski.--Chief of Fire Dept., Clifford Spencer.--Fire Marshal, George B. Rehberg.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Dora R. Green, Chm., Sally H. Correll, Robert C. Hagemeister, Mary P. McCabe, James Tomassetti; Alternates, John J. Palermo, Lynn H. Spencer.--Emergency Management Dir., George Pytlik; Deputy, Stephen C. Bettum; Communications Officer, Jose M. Asensio.--Town Atty., John Bennet.--Justices of the Peace, Colin Bennett, Nancy S. Carlson, Sally H. Correll, Gail Garrity, Franklin D. Lusk, Alice W. Lynch, Anthony P. Marino, Tony A. Palermo, John D. Philbin.

WEST HARTFORD. Hartford County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council.)--Inc., May, 1854; taken from Hartford. Total area, 22.4 sq. miles, Land area, 22.0 sq. miles. Population, est., 61,424. Voting districts, 10. Principal industries, manufacture of turbines, automobile parts, coil pipe, ball bearings, electrical supplies, screws, small tools and machinery, precision machinery tools, chucks, dies, chemical products, air conditioning units, and plastics. To a large extent a residential area. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Conn. Transit from Hartford, Farmington, Bloomfield, Newington and Unionville; and Bonanza Bus Lines, Inc. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, West Hartford, Elmwood and Bishops Corner.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Norma W. Cronin; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 50 South Main St., Rm. 313, 06107; Internet, www.west-hartford.com/; Tel., Hartford, (860) 523-3100; FAX, (860) 523-3522; E-Mail, ncronin@westhartford.org.--Asst. Clerk, Glenda Fournier.--Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Marla Famiglietti, Glenda Fournier, Ellen Guest.--Town Manager, Barry M. Feldman.--Town Council, Scott Slifka, (D), Mayor; Art Spada, Deputy Mayor; Shari Cantor, Barbara Carpenter, Charles Coursey, David J. Lemkuil, Maureen K. McClay, Carolyn Thornberry, Joseph Verrengia.--Town Council Zoning Alternates, Timothy Brennan, Patrick Daly, John Tucker; Sub. Alternates, David Lemkuil, vacancy.--Dir. of Finance, James Francis.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, James Tierney, Chm., Susan Quinn Cobb, Timothy Mitchell; Alternates, Dana Gordon, Rene Rosado, vacancy.--Bd. of Assessors, Motkue Alexander Bowles, Chm., Joel M. Grieco, Vice Chm., Louis L. Cohen, Michael J. Mahoney, Lauchlin H. McLean.--Dir. of Assessments, Joanne Ferraresso.--Registrars of Voters, Marcia L. Woolsey (D), Eleanor M. Brazell (R).--Supt. of Schools, David Sklarz.--Bd. of Education, Jack Darcey, Chm., Beth Bye, Vice Chm., Jeanette Becker, Harry Captain, 2005; Tom Fiorentino, Bruce S. Putterman, Terry A. Schmitt, 2007.--Town Plan and Zoning/Inland Wetlands Comm., Robert W. Roach, Chm., Tanya N. Meck, Vice Chm., John F. Begley, Jeffrey Daniels, Booker T. DeVaughn; Alternates, David I. Brown, Theodore M. Doolittle, Paul C. Freeman.--Town Planner, Mila Limson.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Eva Espinoza.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Suzanne Haviland, Chm., Charles J. Shimkus, Vice Chm., Daniel Lahn, Anne McKernan, Diane L. Tucker; Alternates, JoAnne Brissette, Wanda Y. Correa, Thomas F. Foley, Jr.--Housing Auth., Karen E. Bachman, Lois E. Jainchill, Bob Kantor, Raymond W. Rossomando, Jr., Janet R. Turco; Lynn Koroser, Exec. Dir.--Conservation and Environment Comm., Linda W. Alderman, Pattilynn Conard, John P. Gaucher, Susan B. Gradante, Margaret Grainger-Herzlich, Elizabeth F. Graveley, George Gurney, Theodore Madfis, Kevin R. Prestage, two vacancies.--Historic Dist. Comm., Jessica Ladieu Colliton, Chm., Leslie Philip Brodacki, James A. Carson, Karl A. Fransson, Linda Howey; Alternates, Irene B. Clark, Gregory Galvin, Carolyn V. Lind.--Senior Citizens Advisory Comm., Stuart Archibald, Donald Chlebowski, Lucy T. Climan, Francis Donahue, Russell F. Pound, Jr., Sylvia Schindelman, Anne-Paul Swett, Denise Talbot-White, vacancy.--Advisory Comm. for Persons with Disabilities, Sharon R. Denson, Nancy Geissler, Stephen Goldfield, Nancy B. Grassilli, Antoinette M. Keen, Robert Kor, Jean M. Nesbitt, Frank Virnelli, three vacancies.--Personnel Bd., Scott Bennett, David A. Curry, Steven R. Dembo, Eleanor W. Hayes, Jack Kramer; Alternates, Thomas Wilson, two vacancies.--Pension Bd., John A. Corroon, Jr., Bruce LaRoche, Jeffrey D. Rose, Thomas Sennett, Marjorie Wilder.--Municipal Historian, Tracey M. Wilson.--Library Bd., Linda K. Dunakin, Richard Marone, Barbara Sergi, Barbara B. Ulrich, Elaine Thomas Williams; Pat Holloway, Librarian.--Human Rights Comm., Myles H. Alderman, Jr., Rosalind Bobrow, Robert G. Dunn, Tracey G. Gove, Pamela Kirven-Hippolyte, Marsha R. McCurdy, Joel C. Norwood, Timothy L. O'Keefe, Scott A. Sandler.--Environmental Sanitarians, Archie D'Amato, Robert Proctor.--Parks and Recreation Advisory Bd., C. Thomas Carson, John Colangelo, Lori Connors, Roseanne Ganley, Mary E. Keenan, James L. Marinan, Stephen Salvatore, Shannon Wegele, Michael Zullo.--Leisure Services Mgr., James Capodiece.--Purchasing Agent/Employee Services Dir., James Francis.--Town Engineer, David Kraus.--Streets and Sanitation Dir., Dana Hallenbeck.--Admin. Services Dir., Christopher Johnson.--Community Services Dir., Ronald Van Winkle.--Human Services Dir., Susan Halstead.--Chief of Police, James J. Strillacci; Asst., Robert McCue.--Constables, John P. Colangelo, Jo-Anne Cormier, Michael Foto, Robert M. Haber, Joseph Kleszcynski, Joseph LaPenta, Robert Nardi, Richard F. Patrissi, vacancy.--Chief of Fire Dept., William Austin; Asst. Fire Marshal, Michael Sinsigalli.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Barry M. Feldman.--Corporation Counsel, Joseph O'Brien.--Justices of the Peace, Linda Agnew, Victoria F. Albert, William Baker, Laura Baldini, Jack Bass, John F. Begley, Jean Paul Berard, Peter H. Bigelow, Joanne G. Blume, John L. Bonee, III, Rob Bouvier, Dorothy S. Brash, Ellen Brassil, Eleanor M. Brazell, Lawrence S. Brick, David I. Brown, Pamela S. Brown, Robert S. Burke, Alan M. Burstein, Frank R. Butash, Gareth D. Bye, Alan I. Byer, Adele M. Caffrey, Gina Capello, Harry J. Captain, C. Thomas Carson, Philip J. Castro, Edith S. Catler, Karin M. Champagne, Ann Chilton, John F. Claffey, Jr., Spencer Clapp, Martin A. Clayman, Philip A. Cocchiola, Gail E. Colangelo, George R. Crossley, Wilma Cruz, Glenn Cunningham, John Francis Daly, Leon S. Davidoff, Dina M. DeCampos, Melinda Decker, Michael D. DeLuca, Steven E. Derby, Dwight N. Dewey, Francis J. Donahue, Rosalind E. Dondes, John D. Dragat, Michael E. Drechsler, Robert G. Dunn, III, W. James Dyber, Owen Eagan, Sydney W. Elkin, Arthur Epstein, Eva Espinosa, Thomas J. Farrell, Dennis R. Ferguson, Joy E. Ferguson, Daniel S. Firestone, Louis M. Fleisher, Kenneth Fleming, Mary L. Flynn, Thomas F. Foley, Jr., Brendan M. Fox, Jr., Karl A. Fransson, Carolyn Gabel-Brett, Kevin M. Galvin, Patricia Z. Gargano, Domenico Genduso, Leigh A. Gold, Samuel Goldberger, Benjamin Goldstein, Barbara C. Gordon, Marc A. Green, Mary E. Guiney, Howard J. Haims, Eleanor C. Hamilton, Patricia Anne Hamilton, John Harmon, Jonathan A. Harris, Eleanor W. Hayes, Winston H. Heimer, David S. Hendel, Richard J. Hennessey, Laverne Hermsen, Robert L. Hill, Allen Hoffman, Timothy S. Hollister, Rochelle Homelson, Brien P. Horan, Eileen Horan, Constance A. Houde, Jeffrey R. Howey, Sheila A. Huddleston, Lance R. Hultgren, Henry Hurvitz, Robert Hurvitz, Marvin Janow, Carol S. Johnson, Marcia P. Kagan, Selma L. Kaufman, Bernard L. Kavaler, Marina H. Keene, Joan R. Kemler, Paige Kenausis, Barbara Kielbasa, Mark P. Kindall, Joseph E. Kleszczynski, Irving U. Knight, Robert J. Kor, Steve Kovack, Jr., Scott Kraimer, Paul Kraselsky, Ruth P. Kronick, Alice K. Kugelman, Essie S. Labrot, Joseph P. Lapenta, Gary H. Levin, Kevin W. Lynch, Maureen Magnam, Seth Mahler, Stuart L. Mahler, James L. Marinan, Richard A. Marone, Moraith Marra-O'Toole, Maureen K. McClay, David McCluskey, Joseph P. McGuinness, Sheila M. McKay, Lauchlin H. McLean, Tanya Meck, Phil Meister, Richard F. Messenger, Stanley S. Miller, Julius S. Newman, Linda L. Norman, Alexander Nweeia, Bette P. O'Brien, Joseph O'Brien, Elizabeth O'Neil, Jack S. Opinsky, Betty H. Pavlak, Lisa C. Petersen, Geraldine D. Pizzella, Robert J. Pizzella, Sheri-Lyn P. Polkey, Candice S. Price, Larry Price, Louise A. Psaras, Douglas T. Putnam, William G. Reardon, Laura Renfro, Kevin N. Reynolds, Elliott Rosenberg, Robert M. Rowlson, Edward G. Sanady, Harry B. Schaechter, Walter B. Schatz, Sylvia Schindelman, Andrew Schoolnik, Shelley T. Schulman, Michael S. Seder, Richard M. Seethaler, Jr., Richard H. Seidman, Christina H. Sesta, Beth Sharkey, Elizabeth A. Shepardson, Herbert J. Shepardson, Joseph Sherman, Donald J. Shubert, Doris J. Shuskus, R. Scott Slifka, Stephanie G. Smith, Joseph S. Stafford, Christopher Stan, Nicholas O. Stedman, Wendell S. Stephenson, Spurgeon Stokes, Christopher Stratton, Kaye S. Straw, Barbara V. Sylvester, William J. Tacy, Joseph M. Teodoro, Carolyn Thornberry, James S. Tierney, Orwell C. Tousley, Zama A. Tousley, Diane L. Tucker, Sally Van Meter, Richard B. Vannie, John J. Vercelli, Frank R. Virnelli, Jr., Annette B. Volpe, Lascel Webley, Alice M. Weibel, Benjamin Wenograd, S. Steven Wolfson, Florence N. Woodiel, Polly W. Zarella.

WEST HAVEN.   New Haven County.--(Form of government, mayor, city council.)--Inc., June 24, 1921; taken from Orange; inc. as a city, June 27, 1961. Total area, 11.0 sq. miles, Land area, 10.8 sq. miles. Population, est., 53,004. Voting districts, 10. Principal industries, manufacture of buckles, manufacturing of durable and non-durable goods, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, artificial stone products. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Conn. Transit from New Haven, Milford and Bridgeport. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post office, West Haven.

CITY AND TOWN OFFICERS. City Clerk, Town Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Deborah M. Collins; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, City Hall, 355 Main St., P.O. Box 526, 06516-0526; Tel., (203) 937-3534; FAX, (203) 937-3706; Internet, www.cityofwesthaven.com/.--Deputy Clerk, Sharon Recchia.--Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Frank Fanelli, Sharon Recchia.--Mayor, H. Richard Borer, Jr. (D); Exec. Asst., John O'Connor.--Councilmen at Large, Thomas Eckels, Brian J. Elliott, Rick Martino.--Councilmen, 1st Dist., James M. Peccerillo; 2nd Dist., Frank J. Keyes; 3rd Dist., Kathleen Hendricks; 4th Dist., John P. Mooney; 5th Dist., Martha Bell; 6th Dist., James P. O'Brien; 7th Dist., Andrea R. Palumbo; 8th Dist., Robert Saley; 9th Dist., Joseph J. Cullen, Sr., Chm.; 10th Dist., Dominic Perrotti.--Bd. of Ethics, Sal Arminio, Sandra Burns, Helen Dorsi, Jerome Lacobelle, Sr.--Treas., Michael R. McGrath.--Bd. of Finance, Pasquale Barone, Mayor H. Richard Borer, Jr., John Coppola, Stella Cretella, Joseph Esposito, Martin Powell.--Finance Dir., Richard Legg.--Tax Collector, Christopher V. Valente.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Ralph P. Biondi, Bernice E. Bowman, Peter H. Lynch.--Assessor, Joan R. Robinson.--Registrars of Voters, Charles Marino (D), JoAnn Callegari (R).--Supt. of Schools, Paul Tortora.--Bd. of Education, John M. Carrano, Chm., Anne M. Heffernan, Paul F. Messina, Maria-Toni Paine, 2005; Robert J. Guthrie, Raymond Collins III, Howard D. Horvath, Jr., George H. Monahan, Krista A. Pickering, 2007.--Personnel Dir., Marilyn Flores.--Planning and Zoning Comm., John Panza, Chm., Raymond Ceccarelli, Brent Coscia, Howard Davis, vacancy; Alternates, Beth Armstrong, Alfred Posey, Barbara Simmons.--City Planner, Edwin V. Selden.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, John Clifford, Mario Coppola, Richard DeLeo, Samuel Girasuolo, Gary Perdo; Alternates, Dominic Furco, Frederick Johnson, Edmund Wise.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Kevin Clark.--Economic Development Comm., Robert Fischer, Joseph W. Harvey, Jr., Brian F. Smith, Glen Vitale, vacancy; Alternates, Paul Messing, Steven Zullo.--Redevelopment Comm., John J. Armstrong, Louis D'Onofrio, Jr., Kevin McNabola, A. Michael Recchia, Mark J. Vere.--Housing Auth., Genevieve Canning, Susan Epps, Willie Homes, Adrienne Hurlburt, Theresa Sansone; Michael W. Siwek, Exec. Dir.--Fair Rent Comm., Mary Jane Morrissey, Chm., Elaine Macht, Harold W. Parritt, Eugene Sullivan, Richard Watt, vacancy; Alternates, Galen G. Nally, Francine White.--Open Space and Conservation Comm., Patricia Herbert, Chm., Barbara Barry, Elizabeth Dorsi, Mary Head, Michael Paone, Carol Soter, vacancy; Alternates, Gabariel Alvandian, Catherine Iaccarino.--Inland Wetlands Comm., David Carr, Kenneth Ferris, Patrick Pickering, vacancy; Alternates, Glen Mirmina, two vacancies.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Glenn Burrell, Thomas Canny, John M. Gigola, Jr., Pam Greenblat, vacancy.--Senior Citizens Comm., Lucille A. Cassella, Marguerte Hambrook, Catherine Howse, Terry Pascarelli, Florence Robinson.--Agent for the Elderly, vacancy.--Comr. of Human Resources, Romana Cortese.--Dir. of Health, Eric Triffin.--Bd. of Health, Marie Duffy, Ernestine D. Jackson, Susan Marchitto, vacancy.--Library Bd. of Dirs., Charles Gunning, Pres., Jennie Annatone, Mark Antonnuci, Patricia Bellmore, Francis Blanchette, Barbara Bureau, Virginia Canny, John Dillman, Joseph Fortino, Joan Grey, Thomas Lehman, Stephen Michel, Gretchen Schall; Concetta N. Sacco, Head Librarian.--Municipal Historian, Bennett Dorman.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Peter Merola, Chm., David Coyle, Vincent R. Falcone, Arthur Orio, Donald Wrinn; Stephen D. DeCrescenzo, Dir.--Dir. of Public Works, Beth Sabo; Asst., Mark Bisaccia.--City Engineer, Abdul Quadir.--Sealer of Weights and Measures, James Recchia.--Building Inspector, Frank Gladwyn; Asst., Lyode Adams.--Property Maintenance Code Office, Mike McCurry.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Sabino Panza, Chm., George S. Baxter, Joseph P. Gorry, Jr., John Markowich, Al Stamatien.--Water Pollution Control Comm., Thomas Capobianco, John Coppola, Raymond Curren, Peter O'Neill, Michael Quoka; Alternates, Roberto Gonzalez, Stuart Rosenkrantz.--Sanitarian, Raymond A. Puslys, R.S.--Chief of Police, Ronald Quagliani.--Police Comm., Thomas Gallagher, Chm., Paul Bernstein, Alexander Botte, Grace Hendricks, Lisa W. Yarbor.--Chiefs of Fire Dept., Elmer Henderson (Allingtown Dist.), William S. Johnson, Jr. (First Dist.), William Donegan (West Shore Dist.).--Deputy Chiefs/Fire Marshals, Robert S. Burns (West Shore Dist.); Victor Sampietro (Allingtown Dist.); Deputy Chief, William L. Abbott/Fire Marshal, Richard H. Spreyer (First Dist.).--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Louis Esposito, Chm., Charles Andreoli, Clem Diana (Allingtown Dist.); Joseph Callahan, Donald J. Lewis, Bruce Sweeney (First Dist.); John Kelly, Louis Leyerzapf, Robert Pimer (West Shore Dist.).--Civil Preparedness Dir., William S. Johnson.--Corporation Counsel, Michael Farrell; Assts., Paul Dorsi, Gerald Heffernan, Jerome A. Lacobelle, Jr., Henry C. Szadkowski.--Justices of the Peace, John Alexander, Martha Bell, Ralph Bondi, Dorinda Borer, Clifford Bradley, Anthony Brunetti, JoAnn Callegari, Donato Cappetta, Linda A. Collins, Cheryl Corbally, Ramona A. Cortese, Constance Decker, Martin N. DeGrand, John Dillman, Carol Eagles, Aly Fentress, Patricia Flanagan, Paul Frosolone, Robert Guthrie, Grace Hendricks, Arthur M. Hubbard, Jr., Pamela Lappert-Solomon, Madaline Mansfield, Patricia Massaro, Joseph Mattei, Frances McKernan, Paul Messina, John Morgan, Tracy Morrissey, Steve Mullins, Mary T. Peckingham, Lisa Peckingham-Rasile, Tanya Perez, Jeanne D. Perrone, Richard Pyszkowski, Manuel Rivas, Albie Towles.

WESTON. Fairfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Oct., 1787; taken from Fairfield, Inc., 1845, the town was divided and Easton was taken from Weston. Total area, 20.7 sq. miles, Land area, 19.8 sq. miles. Population, est., 10,239. Voting districts, 2. Residential community; no industries. Transp.--Freight: To South Norwalk. Post office, Weston. Rural free delivery from Weston and Georgetown.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Donna M. Anastasia; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 56 Norfield Rd., P.O. Box 1007, 06883-1007; Internet, www.weston-ct.com/; Tel., (203) 222-2616; FAX, (203) 222-8871.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Ellen L. Jones, Judy M. DeVito, Sharon C. Shattuck, Cynthia A. Williams.--Town Admin., Tom Landry.--Selectmen, 1st, Woody Bliss (R), Tel., (203) 222-2656, W. Glenn Major (R), Richard Miller (D).--Treas., Diane Hartman.--Bd. of Finance, Leonard C. Peterson, Chm., Robert Atkinson, Patrice P. Kopas, Richard D. Nichols, Michael O'Brien, Gerald T. Sargent III, Robert I. Siegel.--Tax Collector, Charity B. Nichols.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Richard A. Bochinski, Laurie A. Morris, Jeffrey K. Tallman.--Assessor, Paul Friia.--Registrars of Voters, Diane M. Lofthus (D), Eileen S. Buckley (R).--Supt. of Schools, Lynne Pierson.--Bd. of Education, Joseph J. Fitzpatrick, Laura M. Smits, 2005; Leslie L. Wolf, Chm., Maria Kalivas, Lyn Kimberly, Philip P. Schaefer, Ellen H. Uzenoff, 2007.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Donald L. Saltzman, Chm., Daniel F. Gilbert, Stephan Grozinger, Paul Heifetz, Harvey C. Luft, Robert J. Osborn, vacancy.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Carolyn A. Mulcahey, Frederick C. Noyes, Jr., W. MacLeod Snaith, Richard B. Wolf, vacancy; Alternates, Jennifer G. Hunt, Robert Morse, Jr., vacancy.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Robert P. Turner.--Conservation and Inland Wetlands Comm., Broderick C. Attra, Chm., Howard Aibel, J. Thomas Failla, Charles Finkelstein, Joseph Pachman, David Rosenberg, Edward Schwarz.--Historic Dist. Comm., Patricia B. Powers, Chr., Lynne M. Langlois, Co-Chr., Eileen Lawrence, Co-Chr., Mary Ann Barr, Naomi Bleifeld; Alternates, Cathy Gropper, Sharon Shattuck, vacancy.--Municipal Historian, Kathleen S. Failla.--Elderly Comm., Carleton Anderson, Vice Chm., Ernest Albin, Jr., Terry Hulley, Ira L. Kasindorf, Lois Miller, Helene A. Weatherill, vacancy.--Dir. of Social Services, Charlene Hillman.--Dir. of Health, Judith Nelson (P.O., Westport).--Health Comm., Emily Anderson, Nancy McCormick.--Library Comm., Bruce Angeli, Susan Briggs, Joan Henderson, Lynne Langlois, Tom Loeb, Lois Miller, Amy Sanborn, Johanna Straczek, Helene A. Weatherill.--Parks and Recreation Comm., David C. Juneau, Chm., Nancy B. Babyak, Carl Bernstein, Prudence Bliss, Marc A. Butlein, Patrick E. Kane, Robert Uzenoff.--Building Comm., Richard Wolf, Chm., David Coprio, John W. Cunningham, Joseph J. Fitzpatrick, Frank M. Lupo, Douglas H. Steube, vacancy.--Building Bd. of Appeals, David Coprio, Chm., Donald O'Donoghue, Linda Roig, Robert A. Sisca, Peter Voulgarakis.--Dir. of Public Works, Joseph Lametta.--Town Engineer, John Conte.--Animal Control Officer, Mark E. Harper.--Building Inspector, R. E. Gleason.--Sanitarian, Westport/Weston Health Dist.--Tree Warden, Frederick J. Moore.--Chief of Police, Tony Land.--Police Comm., Peter J. Ottomano, Chm., William J. Brady, Paul Criscuolo, Beth Gralnick, Walter Marcus, Richard G. Phillips, Richard E. Saltz.--Chief of Fire Dept., John Pokorny.--Fire Marshal, Frederick J. Moore.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Mike Ferullo.--Town Atty., Kenneth Bernhard.--Justices of the Peace, Pamela D. Bochinski, Kevin J. Crowley, Alexander R. Formisano, Charles Fredericks, Jr., Nancy K. Hammerslough, W. Glenn Major, John T. Moore, Donald L. Saltzman, Barbara Schwab, Hal Shupack, Milo Sobel, Joseph O. Spetly, Barbara Stein, Jonathan M. Tendler, Jon Weingarten.

WESTPORT. Fairfield County.--(Form of government, board of selectmen, representative town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May 28, 1835; taken from Fairfield, Norwalk and Weston. Total area, 33.3 sq. miles, Land area, 20.0 sq. miles. Population, est., 26,320. Voting districts, 9. Principal industries, retailing and corporate office headquarters, known for the arts, theater and fine restaurants. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Metro North Commuter Railroad Co. and Minibus. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Westport, Saugatuck and Greens Farms. The extreme eastern part of the town is also served by Greens Farms Railroad Station.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Patricia H. Strauss; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 110 Myrtle Ave., 06880; Tel., (203) 341-1000; Internet, www.ci.westport.ct.us/; FAX, (203) 341-1112; E-Mail, pstrauss@ci.westport.ct.us.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Ruth M. Cavayero, Georgette E. Higgs.--Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Mari-Elena Bria-Grindrod.--Selectmen, 1st, Diane G. Farrell (D) Tel., (203) 341-1111, FAX, (203) 341-1038, John J. Izzo (R), Carl W. Leaman (D).--Representative Town Meeting Members, Moderator, Gordon F. Joseloff; Dist. 1, Diane D. Cady, William L. Scheffler, Ann E. Sheffer, Judith K. Starr; Dist. 2, Lynn Abramson, Gwen T. Campbell, Alice H. Shelton, Mary G. Webber; Dist. 3, Helen A. Garten, Janet B. Horowitz, William F. Meyer III, Hadley C. Rose; Dist. 4, Valerie S. Fischel, Elizabeth Kuechenmeister, Margaret K. McHenry, Wally Meyer; Dist. 5, John W. Booth, Chris Grimm, Helmuth W. Krause, Richard A. Lowenstein; Dist. 6, Jo Ann W. Davidson, Ann M. Flynn, Velma E. Heller, Ronald F. Malone; Dist. 7, Allen S. Bomes, John G. Klinge, Lisa S. Rome, John E. Watson III; Dist. 8, Gordon F. Joseloff, Michael A. Rea, Lois G. Schine, Jonathan Steinberg; Dist. 9, Marla J. Cowden, Jorgen F. Jensen, Kim Mathias, Joe Mioli.--Finance Dir., Donald J. Miklus; Controller, John P. Kondub.--Bd. of Finance, R. Gavin S. Anderson, Richard B. Benson, Kevin A. Connolly, Charles W. K. Haberstroh, Shelly A. Kassen, Jeffrey A. Mayer, vacancy.--Tax Collector, George Underhill.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Edward Marcantonio, Chm., Garson F. Heller, Jr., Allyson S. Stollenwerck.--Assessor, William Gaffney; Deputy, Dennis Murphy; Asst., Joyce Gentilozzi.--Personnel Dir., Thomas Hamilton; Asst., Loretta Hallock.--Information Technology Dir., Eileen Zhang.--Registrars of Voters, Nita S. Cohen (D), Judith Raines (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Elliott Landon.--Bd. of Education, Steven G. Halstead, Linda Merk-Gould, Mark T. Owades, Sandra Urist, 2005; Mary R. Parmelee, Chm., Lewis D. Brey, Mark H. Mathias, 2007.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Eleanor S. Lowenstein, Chm., Helen M. Block, James C. Cochrane, Arlene K. Gottlieb, David B. Press, Michael D. Stashower, Edgar L. VanGelder; Katherine Barnard, Dir.; Mary Young, Town Planner; Alternates, Michael Nayor, Judith Rosenkrantz, Sue Tschirhart.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, James C. Ezzes, Chm., Gregory W. Altschuh, Jacqueline J. Masumian, Duane Nelson, Elizabeth Wong; Alternates, Winston Allen, Jeffrey Jacobs, Rita Steinberger.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Susan Reynolds; Planning Asst., Michelle Frye; Inspector, Mary Papadakos.--Beautification Comm., Irene Naughton, Chm., Nancy Carr, Betty Lou Cummings, Claire Ford, Evelyn Harris, Ann Jacques, Frances Johnson, Richard Lawson, Carl Leaman, Sheyrl Reifler, Belle Shipe, Joanne Siebrasse, Richard Stein, Angela Trucks, Robert Weiss.--Public Site and Building Comm., Joseph Strickland, Chm., Alexander Balis, Robin Coleman, Richard Eldh, Anthony Ialeggio, Edward Kowalcyk, George Petropulos, Nance Vigneau, vacancy.--Housing Auth., Norman Macbeth, Chm., Marie Balian, John Canning, Jeanne Racco, Joseph Strickland; Patricia Sellew, Exec. Dir.--Conservation Comm., Leon Starr, Chm., William Blaufuss, Stanley Freeman, Gerald Kagan, Morton Silverberg, Timothy Walker, Pamela Weil.--Environmental Officer, Alicia Mozian.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Richard Gardella, Chm., William Kokot, Pasquale Razzano, Judith Slayback, Alan Temple.--Shellfish Comm., Ronald Silverman, Chm., Lee Jordan, Andrew Rice, Walter Schlenker, Alfred Stapkowski.--Harbormaster, John Giunta.--Animal Control Officer, Peter D'Amico; Asst., Joseph Sapinare.--Tree Bd., Katherine Graves, Pamela Weil, Co-Chm., Jeffrey Burns, Clare Clark, Silvia Erskine, Robert Gerbert, Lawrie Gibb, Katy Goldschmidt.--Tree Warden, Donald L. Snook.--Historic Dist. Comm., Donald Miro, Chm., Deborah Angotti, Nancy Ashken, Barlow Cutler-Wotton, Peter Marshall; Alternates, Thomas Bloch, Margaret Feczko, Rita Laukee.--Municipal Historian, Allen Raymond.--Comm. for Senior Services, Paula Leonard, Chm., Alexander Balas, Jean Handy, Aki Ikeda, John Kiermaier, Stan Nayer, Sharon Rosen.--Human Services Comm., Howard Maynard, Chm., Stephen Daniels, Robert Despres, Rochelle Field, Carol Gluckman, Gibson Halloran, Teri Klein; Barbara Butler, Dir.--Dir. of Health, Judith Nelson.--Library Trustees, Martha Aasen, William Bangser, Jr., Lois Block, Elizabeth Dickinson, Dale Fredston, Howard Maynard, Bernicestine McLeod, William McNee, James Mezoff, Maggie Mudd, Andrew Nevas, Alfred Puchala, Stewart Reifler, James Seymour, Claudine Siegel, Norman Trepner, Jerry Vance, Stacy Waldman-Bass, MaryLou Weisman.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Mark Smith, Chm., Wendy Crowther, Jayne Hynes, Frank Kneisel, Alan Landis; Stuart S. McCarthy, Dir.--Dir. of Public Works, Stephen Edwards.--Supt. of Highways, Scott Sullivan.--Town Engineer, Daniel Delehanty.--Maintenance Div., Michael Frawley.--Building Inspector, Stephen J. Smith.--Architectural Review Bd., George Masumian, Chm., Ward French, Jon Halper, Vesna Herman, Philip Weiner.--Building Bd. of Appeals, Anthony J. Izzo, Chm., Winifred S. Allen, Victor Burtsche, John Wanat, vacancy.--Sewage Plant Supt., Samuel J. Arciola, Jr.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Bd. of Selectmen.--Energy Coordinators, Denis McCarthy, Richard Pitkin.--Sanitarian, Jeffrey Andrews.--Purchasing Agent, Richard V. Kilbride.--Chief of Police, Alfred R. Fiore.--Chief of Fire Dept., Denis McCarthy.--Fire Marshal, Frederick Baker.--Emergency Management Co-Dirs., Alfred R. Fiore, Denis McCarthy.--Town Atty., Ira W. Bloom; Asst., Gail Kelly.--Justices of the Peace, Martha M. Aasen, Deirdre Abbotts, Ruby Allen, Winifred Balboni, Myron W. Belaga, Ervin L. Betts, Thomas C. Bloch, Allen S. Bomes, Edward M. Bowers, Peter Campbell, Bonnie L. Christophersen, Bonita Cohen, Roz Koether Cooper, Marcina Lee Cristobal, Agnes V. Danzer, Rhona S. Derrin-Lieberson, Theodore Diamond, Edwin K. Dimes, James C. Ezzes, Diane G. Farrell, Thomas M. Feeley, George Franciscovich, Josephine Fuchs-Luscombe, Gene Gavin, June Getraer, Robert D. Graham, Constance Greenfield, Saul Haffner, Martha Hauhuth, Michael J. Hoherchak, A. Corinne Hollingsworth, Rose Jordan, Peter W. Kardaras, Doris Klein, Sidney B. Kramer, Robert Lasprogato, Richard A. Lowenstein, Andrew Lozyniak, Mark J. Marcus, Emanuel Margolis, Carol M. Mata, Heidi McGee, Wally Meyer, William F. Meyer III, Pamela Margaret Papay, Mark D. Phillips, Tamarra R. Pincavage, Nancy Quell, Lynn D. Quinn, Stephen M. Rubin, Ann Sheffer, Carl Stitzer, Sarah B. P. Zachheim.

WETHERSFIELD. Hartford County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council.)--Settled, 1634; named, 1637; inc., May, 1822. Total area, 13.1 sq. miles, Land area, 12.4 sq. miles. Population, est., 26,398. Voting districts, 10. Principal industries, professional offices, restaurants, marine dock, Kell-Strom, printing, Hartford Hospital Wellness Center, Hart Seed Co. Headquarters, Comstock Ferre Headquarters, Connecticut Light and Power Co. Computer Center, Northeast Utilities Service Co. Headquarters, Dept. of Corrections, Labor Dept. and State Motor Vehicles Dept. Transp.--Passenger: Served by CT Transit buses from Hartford and Middletown. Freight: all common carriers, including railroad, Amtrak, Hartford. Site: William H. Putnam Bridge to cross the Connecticut River. Post office, Wethersfield (branch of Hartford post office), with carrier service, Oldest Volunteer Fire Department in New England.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Dolores G. Sassano; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Call for summer hours; Address, Town Hall, 505 Silas Deane Hwy., 06109-2216; Tel., (860) 721-2880; FAX, (860) 721-2994; E-Mail, dolores.sassano@wethersfieldct.com; Internet, www.wethersfieldct.com/.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Tammy Ohanesian, Lynn T. Schiessl, Sue Schroeder.--Town Manager, Bonnie L. Therrien.--Town Council, Russell A. Morin, Mayor; John Karangekis, Deputy Mayor; Andrew S. Adil, John F. Cascio, Kitch Breen Czernicki, Matthew J. Forrest, Christine T. Fortunato, Donna H. Hemmann, Julie Montinieri.--Treas., Harry L. Lichtenbaum; Deputy, Frances Patti.--Bd. of Ethics, Robert L. Hirtle, Joseph J. Koneski, Keith Latulippe, Herbert H. Northrop, George E. Steinmetz; Alternates, John Lepper, Penrose Wolf, Cynthia Zuerblis.--Finance Dir., Lisa A. Hancock.--Tax Collector, Nancy DiGirolamo.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Samuel A. Spratlin, Chm., Brendan Flynn, John Halstead.--Assessor, Jan Neumuth.--Registrars of Voters, Pamela M. Rapacz (D), Mary-Ann E. McFarland (R).--Supt. of Schools, C. Patrick Proctor, Ed.D.--Bd. of Education, Stacey M. Hodges, Vice-Chm., Claire A. Carney, Matthias DeAngelo, Michael F. McKenna, Janet G. Pilczak, Martin Walsh, 2005; Gerri Roberts, Chm., Raul A. Rodriguez, Penny Stanziale, 2007.--Town Planner, Peter Gillespie.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Joseph L. Hammer, Chm., Theresa Forsdick, Vice Chm., John Hallisey, Robert P. Jurasin, Philip Knecht, Earle R. Munroe, George B. Oickle, Richard R. Roberts, Margaret M. Wagner; Alternates, John A. Adamian, David Edwards III, Peter Leombruni.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Morris R. Borea, Chm., Bruce T. Bockstael, Steven F. Clark, Frank A. Falvo, Thomas J. Vaughan, Jr.; Alternates, Matthew J. Cholewa, Gina DeAngelo, Craig Pinney.--Personnel Appeals Bd., John O'Leary, four vacancies.--Economic Development and Improvement Comm., John Breglio, Frank Frago, Thomas W. Grottke, Joan Hughes, Cindy A. Jacobs, Ralph M. Keleher, Christopher J. Lyons, Paul F. Montinieri, Katherine Mullen, Betty H. Rosania, Douglas Sacks; Alternates, C. Joseph Cornelio, Jr., Howard Greenblatt, Kenneth A. Rizzio, Donald Unwin.--Environmental Code Appeals Bd., George Cote, James Woodworth, vacancy; Alternates, Jeffrey R. Kotkin.--Insurance Comm., Seymour A. Adil, Christopher Bazzinet, Michael J. Fortunato, Christopher J. Lyons, Paul Meade, Pauline R. Moon, vacancy.--Fair Rent Comm., Matthias "Matt" J. DeAngelo, Francis J. Farrelly, Robert A. Garrey, John J. O'Leary, Jeanette E. Soroko, Cynthia L. Zuerblis; Alternates, Susan Grady, two vacancies.--Housing Auth., George J. Kelly, Jr., Chm., Paul Camarco, Anthony P. Karlowicz, Raymond Lavoie, Sr., Samuel A. Spratlin; Jane Rosendahl, Exec. Dir.--Conservation Comm., Andrew L. Wizner, Chm., Ingrid Boelhouwer, Peter Gardow, Christopher Geiss, Tracy Ann Gionfriddo, Ralph Moyer, Robert Pulford, W. James Schumaker, Rebecca M. Zaliznock.--Inland Wetlands and Water Courses Comm., Frederick T. Clark, Chm., David D. Ambrose, Vice Chm., Lawrence F. Buck, Joseph M. Hallisey, Frank H. Morris, William Randazzo, Louis Sanzaro, Michael J. Scenti, James M. Sweeney; Alternates, Antonio L. Margiotta, two vacancies.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., David L. Drake, Chm., Thomas W. Grottke, Vice Chm., Susan M. Fennelly, Mark Kulmacz, Douglas A. Ovian; Alternates, Robert Garrey, two vacancies.--Historic Dist. Comm., Billye M. Logan, Vice Chm., Douglas A. Ovian, Vice Chm., Robert Garrey, Vaclav Miglus, Jennifer H. Wolf; Alternates, Eric Hart, Heidi Lane, Susan D. O'Brien; Robert Cook, Staff Liaison.--Senior Citizens Advisory Comm., Janet Klett, Chm., Jane-Helen Ross, Vice Chm., Adele J. Antoniou, Kathy Bagley, Estelle Knurek, Donna Mattison, Susan M. Miller, Grace Piencikowski, Jane Rosendahl, Christine Taylor, Wendy Vencuss; Alternates, Mary Pezzlo, Elizabeth K. Smith.--Human Rights and Relations Comm., Lorrie L. Adeyemi, Aurelio Interlandi, Stephen Kirsche, Jr., Mark Kulmacz, Frank R. Lane, Barbara Ruhe, John Toomey, Jr., Mark S. Townsend, Richard B. Troutman; Alternates, three vacancies.--Advisory Comm. for People With Disabilities, Carol C. Keenan, Chm., John F. Baker, Diane Cosker, John Cosker, Jr., Thomas Dillon, James Grise, Joan G. Haines, Paul Hutcheon, Frank R. Lane, Francis G. Meunier, Jr., Kathleen Sullivan, Judith Tacey, Christine Taylor, Patricia A. Yagmin, vacancy.--Agent for the Elderly, Christine Taylor.--Dir. of Social and Youth Services, Nancy Stilwell.--Dir. of Rocky Hill/Wethersfield Health Dist., Paul Hutcheon.--Library Bd., Greg Curtin, Chm., Eugene M. Grayson, Vice Chm., Donna D. Brown, Lucille E. Domick, Susan Grady, Bradley S. Milvae, Pauline R. Moon, Karen Mortensen, Lucille Plouffe.--Municipal Historian, Dolores G. Sassano.--Comm. on Culture and the Arts, Patricia C. Viani, Chm., Joan E. Biagioni, Vice Chm., Robin A. Bourassa, Jeanne Ciotto, Mary-Beth Dobmeier, Rita T. Doyle, Karen Gove, Elizabeth M. Kirkpatrick, Heidi Lane, Sandra C. Mulcahy, Frances A. Patti, Ruth A. Schumaker, vacancy.--Advisory Recreation and Parks Bd., Richard L. Dobmeier, Chm., Gregory Even, Peter Kalousdian, Jr., Richard Lepore, Thomas A. Ragonese, Charles J. Wood; Alternates, Jacqueline Pentalow, Daniel M. Silbo.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Richard Fippenger.--Dir. of Public Works/Physical Services/Town Engineer, Michael J. Turner.--Purchasing Agent, Janice McDonald.--Building Inspector, Brian O'Connor.--Bd. of Building Appeals, John Adamian, David D. Ambrose, Lorenzo Gaudet, Joseph M. Hallisey, Jeffrey R. Kotkin; Alternates, Steven Andrea, Anthony Armentano, Craig S. Pinney.--Tree Warden, John Lepper.--Chief of Police, James L. Cetran.--Constables, Francis A. Baio, Jr., Albert J. Bonfiglio, Albert G. Kaeser, Jr., Steven A. McFarland, John J. O'Leary, Frederick H. Rackle, Brian F. Zito.--Chief of Fire Dept., Charles M. Flynn; Asst. Chief, Richard Bailey; Deputies, Mark Guerrera, Gordon Harris, Brian Schroll.--Fire Marshal, Gary S. Santoro.--Town Atty., John W. Bradley, Jr.; Asst. Atty., vacancy.--Justices of the Peace, Betsy J. Bartlett, Christine Bradley, Daniel A. Camilliere, Donna L. Campbell, George W. Cote, Edward F. Czernicki, Jr., Susan M. Fennelly, Thomas W. Fitzpatrick, Brendan T. Flynn, Matthew Julian Forrest, Reno Franconi, Peter E. Gardow, C. C. Alan Garo, Susan Grady, Judith M. Haddad, Christopher Healy, Harry L. Lichtenbaum, Walter H. Mayo, Mary-Ann E. McFarland, Dorcas M. McHugh, Gloria McLean, Gerhard Merkle, Donna J. Micklus, John H. Miller, S. Bradley Milvae, Gail K. Moller, Russell A. Morin, Geraldine P. Munroe, Michael J. Muszynski, Beverly M. Noren, Herbert H. Northrop, Carol C. Pace, Robert T. Pandolfe, Thomas R. Pentalow, Frederick E. Petrelli, Jr., William J. Pilkington, Pamela M. Rapacz, Blaze Riccio, Richard Roberts, Fernando G. Rosa, George A. Ruhe, Genevieve T. Small, Joselyn R. Valente.

WILLINGTON. Tolland County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1727. Total area, 33.5 sq. miles, Land area, 33.3 sq. miles. Population, est., 6,198. Voting district, 1. Principal industries, agriculture, manufacture of machined parts, electroplating. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of the Windham Region Transit District from Storrs to Windham. Freight: Served by Central Vermont Railway and numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Willington. Rural free delivery.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Donna J. Hardie; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M., Tues. through Fri.; 12:30 P.M.-7:30 P.M., Mon.; Address, Town Office Bldg., 40 Old Farms Rd., 06279; Tel., (860) 487-3121; FAX, (860) 487-3103; Internet, www.willingtonct.org; E-Mail, dhardie@willingtonct.org.--Asst. Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Maureen A. Gantick.--Selectmen, 1st, Michael Eldredge (R) Tel., (860) 487-3100, John Blessington (R), John Patton (ASP).--Treas., Donna H. Latincsics.--Bd. of Finance, Henry L. Becker, Kathleen K. Blessing, Lynn R. Brown, James E. Harvey, William H. Hodge, Sr., Lisa Harrison Kenderdine; Alternates, Geoffrey Ward Prusak, Paul M. Schur.--Acting Tax Collector, Carol Larson.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Peter S. Andersen, Edward A. Beebe, Carol C. Parizek.--Assessor, Nicole D. Lintereur.--Registrars of Voters, Nancy L. Vogel (D), Judith R. Andersen (R).--Bd. of Education, Shannon Jean Bourbeau, Christine Psathas, David O. Tharp, 2005; Herbert C. Arico, Karen Irene Cushman, Laurie Mazich Semprebon, Deborah S. Tulis, 2007.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Matthew Dinallo, Matthew O. Ellis, Peter J. Latincsic, David J. Lytwyn, Phillip J. Nevers, Allan D. St. Louis, Ralph H. Tulis; Alternates, Norman H. Gray, Thomas Lough, David Ridzon.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Christopher Deskus, Richard J. Maloney, Jr., Annemarie Poole, Norman Wilson, Patti Wright; Alternates, Donald Brown, Mark E. Masinda, John Prusak.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Susan Yorgensen.--Conservation Comm., Peter S. Andersen, Kathleen Demers, Mark Drobney, Carol M. Jordan, Paul S. Pribula, Marilyn Schreiber, Andrew White; Alternates, Robert Bloom, Michael Burns, vacancy.--Economic Development Comm., David Charette, Philip Mollison, Valerie Pelletier, Michelle M. Tharp, vacancy; Alternates, two vacancies.--Historic Dist. Comm., William F. Bailey, Mary Beth Caron, Rosa H. Chinchilla, Laurie Masciandaro, Robert E. Shabot; Alternates, Timothy D. Blauvert, Marc Jeffreys, Michelle Ogden.--Municipal Historian, Isabel B. Weigold.--Agent for the Elderly, Georgianna Booth.--Dir. of Social Services, (860) 487-3118.--Dir. of Health, Jody Schmidt, Eastern Highland Health Dist.--Library Dirs., Nancy Bailey, Janice Boltseridge, Mary Bowen, Suzanne Chapman, Susan M. Gagnon, Maureen A. Gantick.--Community Services Dir., Melissa McDonough.--Dir. of Public Works, Lynn Nicolls.--Sanitarian, Jody Schmidt.--Building Inspector, Edward Staveski.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Bruce G. Hice, Ernest K. Kucko, three vacancies.--Chief of Police/Tree Warden, Michael Eldredge.--Chiefs of Fire Depts., Edward D'Agata II, Tyler F. Millix.--Emergency Management Dir., Stuart Cobb.--Town Atty., Michael A. Zizka.--Justices of the Peace, Edward A. Beebe, Cheryl H. Brown, Marion E. Dooling, Arthur C. Forst, Jr., Emily M. Kasacek, Wayne H. Knight, Shirley S. Lewis, Kathleen A. Pacholski, Ralph R. Parizek, John Patton, Deborah P. Potvin, Robert G. Ryder, Thomas M. Smith, Janice B. Vissoe.

WILTON. Fairfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1802; taken from Norwalk. Total area, 27.4 sq. miles, Land area, 27.0 sq. miles. Population, est., 17,909. Voting districts, 3. Residential community; electronic research development. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Metro North Commuter Railroad Co. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Wilton and Georgetown.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Bettye Joan Ragognetti; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 238 Danbury Rd., 06897-4008; Tel., (203) 563-0106; FAX, (203) 563-0299; Internet, www.wiltonct.org/.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Kathy M. Cooper, Ann R. Fiteni.--Selectmen, 1st, Paul F. Hannah, Jr. (R) Tel., (203) 563-0100, Alice L. Ayers (D), Richard F. Creeth (D), Marilyn C. Gould (R), Maria P. Napier (R).--Council on Ethics, John J. Mastro, Laurence J. Mauer, John L. Pool.--Treas., Janet M. Bondeson.--Comptroller, Richard McArdle.--Bd. of Finance, Robert H. Kelso, Chm., Richard J. DuBow, Andrew Mais, Lenore Palmer, Leland Wilson, Carl J. Zuanelli.--Chief Financial Officer, Joseph A. Dolan.--Tax Collector, Philip J. Damato.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Thomas B. Harris, Ernest L. Loser, John D. Rich.--Assessor, David Lisowski; Deputy, Michelle Guidera.--Registrars of Voters, Margaret A. Reeves (D), Clementina L. Gardner (R).--Supt. of Schools, Gary Richards, Ph.D.--Bd. of Education, Susan A. Bruschi, Chm., John C. Benson, Karen A. Birck, 2005; Dona P. Waskom, Vice Chm., Lisa Bogan, Troy Ellen Dixon, 2007.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Calvin R. Braunstein, Chm., John H. Collier, Barbara S. Frees, Laurie M. McTeague, Basam Nabulsi, Richard W. Paukner, Sally H. Poundstone, Kevin W. Ward, John K. Wilson.--Town Planner, Robert Nerney.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Michael Arbisi, Michael J. Bilby, Eric Bosch, L. Michael Rudolph, Miriam H. Sayegh; Alternates, Al Alper, Eric S. Fanwick.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, John Koster.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Joseph J. Fiteni, Jr., Chm., Jill Alibrandi, John B. Gardiner, James Moore, Harold W. Paul, Karen Wackerman-Myers, Richard S. Ziegler.--Conservation Comm., Nicholas F. Lee, Chm., Naomi M. Dempsey, David T. Hapke, Frank Mabley, Katherine E. Throckmorton, Douglas Walker, Kimberly Young.--Historic Dist. Comm., Elizabeth A. Edwards, Chm., Janet Foster, Carol Russell, Glenn A. Shattuck, Marian Wulffleff.--Municipal Historian, Carol M. Russell.--Comm. on Social Services, Judith B. Zucker, Chm., Dawn Cross, Mary Harahan, A. Stephen Lanza, Karena Piedmont, Edward Raposa, Leslie J. Rogers, Marjorie S. Simpson.--Agent for the Elderly/Dir. of Social Services, Suzanne Van Vechten.--Dir. of Health, Steven H. Schole.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Christopher Giovino, Chm., Susan DiLoreto, Gary Mecozzi, James Van Acker, David P. Wallace.--Environmental Affairs Dir., Patricia M. P. Sesto.--Dir. of Public Works, Thomas W. Thurkettle.--Building Inspector, William T. Connolly.--Building Bd. of Appeals, James E. Moore, Christopher Pagliaro, Thomas Walsh III, Timothy O. Wood.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Paul F. Hannah, Jr., Chm., Robert Furst, Frederick C. Herot, Ernest L. Loser, James L. Newton, Albert Stauderman.--Water Comm., Paul F. Hannah, Jr., Chm., Robert G. Burford, Donald Grunewald, Charles E. Lewis, Jr., vacancy.--Asst. Sanitarian, Jennifer Zbell.--Tree Warden, Paul Young.--Supt. of Highways, Frank Booth.--Field Engineer, Harry Kabaskalian.--Chief of Police, Edward Kulhawik.--Police Comm., John W. McReynolds, Chm., Mark A. Ketley, Matthew Mason.--Constables, Norris Browne, Harold E. Clark, Margaret Creeth, John Gardiner, Christopher Gardner, Richard B. Mitchell, Colleen O'Brien, Richard S. Ziegler.--Chief of Fire Dept./Fire Marshal, Paul Milositz.--Deputy Fire Chief, George Peters.--Deputy Fire Marshal, David Kohn.--Fire Inspector, Matt Deakin.--Fire Comm., Hesham H. El-Abd, J. Casey Healy, Richard G. McCarty.--Town Atty., G. Kenneth Bernhard.--Justices of the Peace, Eric Bosch, Lois L. Bruce, Harold E. Clark, Karen M. Danvers, Charles P. Flynn, Edward E. Greene, Louise W. Herot, Charles B. Lewis, Jr., Dean Price, L. Michael Rudolph, Thomas M. Sinchak, Roger R. Valkenburgh, Jr., Barbara Wasserman, Candice C. Zarr, Judith B. Zucker.

WINCHESTER.* Litchfield County.--(Form of government, town manager, town meeting, selectmen.)--Inc., May, 1771. Total area, 33.8 sq. miles, Land area, 32.3 sq. miles. Population, est., 10,781. Voting district, 1. Principal industries, ballbearings, custom cartons, hinges, electrical harnesses and cables, turbine blades, screw machine products, machine tool companies, powdered metal products, pet supplies and business forms. Home of Northwestern Connecticut Community College. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of the Kelly Transit Co., Rural Transit Auth. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Winsted and Winchester Center.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Sheila S. Sedlack; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon. through Wed.; 8:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M., Thurs.; 8:00 A.M.-12:00 Noon, Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 338 Main St., Winsted 06098-1697; E-Mail, townclerk@townofwinchester.org; Internet, www.townofwinchester.org/; Tel., Winsted, (860) 738-6963; FAX, (860) 738-7053.--Asst. Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Cheryl L. Carriere.--Town Manager, Steven Angelo.--Selectmen, 1st, Maryann D. Welcome (D), David A. Cappabianca (R), Lynda E. Colavecchio (R), Paul James O'Meara (I), Althea Candy Perez (D), Marie A. Prelli (R), Barbara Wilkes (I).--Ethics Comm., Joanne Fisher, Jean Hinman, Cynthia Serafini, Mark Svonkin.--Treas., Spencer Monroe.--Tax Collector, Arlene M. Boutin.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Walter St. Onge, Chm., Mark Arcelaschi, Dennis Cappabianca; Alternates, John Groppo, Ralph H. Gustafson, Lisa Smith; Lynda E. Colavecchio, Liaison.--Assessor, Janice McKie.--Dir. of Finance, Henry L. Centrella.--Registrars of Voters, Caroline S. O'Brien (D), Walter St. Onge (R).--Supt. of Schools, Anne D. Jellison.--Bd. of Education, Robert S. Bixby, Lynn A. Brewer, Joseph R. Cadrain, Scott Goodell, David G. LaPointe, 2005; Carmelina M. Connole, Todd Arthur Hayward, Kathleen M. O'Brien, Raymond T. Pavlak, 2007; Paul James O'Meara, Liaison.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Anthony Cannavo, Chm., George Closson, Michael Hamm, Merri-Lynn Marsh, Joseph Mongeau; Alternates, Raymond Neal, Robert Passini, Charles Whalen, Jr.; Lynda E. Colavecchio, Liaison.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Richard Nalette, Chm., David Goulet, Jerry Honeycutt, Susan Lange, John Massicotte, Raymond W. Winn; Alternates, Ronald Dew, Ernest L. Wolff; Lynda E. Colavecchio, Barbara Wilkes, Liaisons.--Economic Development Comm., Daniel Williams, Chm., Susan Balfour, Pamela Banks, Michael Kane, John Morici, James O'Connell, Richard Pozzo, Dell Smith, Douglas Yeager; Alternates, John Sullivan, Ernest L. Wolff; David A. Cappabianca, Liaison.--Redevelopment Agency, Natalie Attainese, Don Donihue, Arline Pozzo, Walter St. Onge, Daniel Williams; David A. Cappabianca, Liaison.--Housing Auth., John Sullivan, Chm., Maryanne Beecher, Joan T. Jones, Steven Lee, Anthony Paige, Jr.; Frederick Newman, Agent.--Local Emergency Planning Comm., Barbara Adams, Steven Angelo, Joseph Beadle, Henry Centrella, Gregg Delaney, Mark Douglass, Nick Guerriero, Pat Hague, Ann Jellison, Willis Leslie, Marc Melanson, Fred Newman, Marie Prelli, Ellen Schroeder, William Seese, Donna Sherman, Debbie Stanizzi, Phyllis Wells, John Whalen.--Conservation Comm., Pamela Eisenlohr, Maryanne D. Welcome; Liaison, vacancy.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Althea Cathy Perez, Chm., Susan P. Peacock, Vice Chm., Gene Berlinski, Cindy Deane, Rick Nalette, Jr., Marie Prelli-Keefe, Robert Rein, James Rollins, Jr., Craig Sanden.--Civil Service Comm., Porter C. Griffin III, Chm., Timothy Fetzer, Vice Chm., Linda Dew; Lynda E. Colavecchio, Liaison.--Senior Citizens Comm., Rosalyn Alexas, James Brady, Charles Cooper, Frances F. Cooper, Alfred Dombrowski, Sarah English, Lorraine Hart, Elizabeth M. Kelsey, Lillian Lefebvre; Maryann D. Welcome, Liaison.--Senior Citizens Comm. Agent/Senior Center Dir., Ellen J. Schroeder.--Comm. for Persons with Disabilities, Cheryl Brandt, Michael Gubetta, Elizabeth Lavernoich, John Lavernoich, Arthur Melycher, Mary Muller, Terrence O'Neil, Patrick Patronelli, Arlene Pozzo, Anne Sherman, Dianne Shotwell, Lisa Smith, Sheila Svonkin, Karen Wilson; Paul James O'Meara, Liaison.--Parking Auth., Mike Monaco, Chm., Scott Eisenlohr, Alan Nero, Dell Smith, Ralph Stanizzi; Maryanne D. Welcome, Liaison.--Retirement Adm. Bd., Sandra Andrews, Ronald Banks, Thomas Botticelli, Dennis Moore; Steven Angelo, Liaison.--Municipal Historian, Benjamin W. Thomas.--Recreation Bd., James V. DiVita, Chm., Richard Attianese, Mark Douglass, Joanne Leifert, Charles Marsh, Cheryl Nalette, Heather Papp, Louis Petrunti, Cynthia Serafini, Kurt Williams; Alesia J. Corso, Rec. Dir.--Soldier's Monument Comm., Mark Arcelaschi, Chm., John Bourque, Robert Eadie, John Marek, Grace Patch, John Schwaikert, Sheila Sedlack, Steven Silvester, Douglas Werner; Barbara Wilkes, Liaison.--Supt. of Parks/Dir. of Public Works/Tree Warden, Patrick E. Hague.--Shade Tree Comm., David Beers, Pamela Eisenlohr, Jeanne Hinman, Pattie Jones, Richard Nalette, Jr., Michael Peacock, Susan Peacock, Clarice Stevens, Gerald Stevens; Maryann D. Welcome, Liaison.--Building Inspector, Marc Melanson.--BOCA Code Bd. of Appeals, Richard Dillon, Chm., Roger Griffin, Michael Hamm.--Purchasing Agent, Mark Douglass.--Water and Sewer Comm., Richard Nalette, Chm., Nancy Eisenlohr, John Massicotte, Timothy Moran, Ray Winn; Paul James O'Meara, Liaison.--Sanitarian, Torrington Area Health Dist.--Reg. Refuse Disposal Dist. #1, Joseph Beadle, Maurice Gabelmann, Jim Hart, Margo Kelliher; David A. Cappabianca, Maryann D. Welcome, Liaisons.--Chief of Police, Nicholas Guerriero.--Constables, James J. Barber, Thomas M. Lampognana, Robert J. Shopey, Jr., Keith E. Wilson.--Chief of Fire Dept./Fire Marshal, Joseph Beadle.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Willis Leslie.--Town Atty., Kevin Nelligan.--Justices of the Peace, Joseeph C. Barber, Mary T. Demonstranti, Deirdre H. DiCara, Gemma C. DiMauro, James V. DiVita, John L. Fratini, Gene A. Gouthier, Deborah G. Jones, Thomas G. Jones, Jason E. Keefe, Janine M. LaFountain-Pavlak, David G. LaPointe, Patricia A. Martin, Brady L. Miller, Timothy J. Moran, James W. O'Connell, Marie Prelli, Theresa Stark-Levine, Walter J. St. Onge, Jr., John R. Sullivan, Gerard H. Trieschmann, Richard P. Wells, Ernest L. Wolff.

*See City of Winsted.

WINDHAM. Windham County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Town inc., May, 1692. City of Willimantic inc., Jan. 1893. Town of Windham and City of Willimantic consolidated July 1, 1983. Total area, 27.9 sq. miles, Land area, 27.1 sq. miles. Population, est., 23,014. Voting districts, 5. Principal industries, manufacture of fiber optic cable, rubber gaskets and rollers, capacitors, industrial abrasives, screw machine products, screws, fasteners and tiedowns. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of the Bonanza Bus Lines, Inc. from Hartford, Danielson, and Providence, RI; Freight: Served by New England Central Railway, Providence and Worcester Railroad Co. and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Willimantic, Windham, North Windham and South Windham. Rural free delivery.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Ann M. Bushey; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon. through Wed.; 8:00 A.M.-7:30 P.M., Thurs.; 8:00 A.M.-12:00 Noon, Fri.; Address, Town Bldg., 979 Main St., P.O. Box 94, Willimantic 06226-0094; Internet, www.windhamct.com/; Tel., Willimantic, (860) 465-3013; FAX, (860) 465-3012; E-Mail, wndmclerk@snet.net.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Correna Bibeau, Barbara Pittman.--Selectmen, 1st, Michael T. Paulhus (D) Tel., (860) 465-3004, Thomas E. DeVivo (D), Jerry Iazetta (D), Lynne C. Ide (D), Joseph S. Marsalisi (D), Thomas H. Millerd (R), Lourdes E. Montalvo (D), Juan M. Perez (WF), Donald E. White (D), Thomas W. White (D), vacancy.--Treas., Ann M. Bushey.--Controller, Robert W. Buden.--Executive Adm., Donald Muirhead.--Bd. of Finance, Andrew J. Carey III, Hanna K. Clements, David Hemenway, Gordon E. Muir, Keely A. Santa Lucia, Joan E. Slowick, N. Joseph Underwood.--Tax Collector, Linda B. Theriault.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Susan M. Johnson, John E. Nimlo, George H. Patros, C. Lawrence Schiller, Ralph C. Zimmerman.--Assessor, Joan E. Paskewich.--Ethics Bd., Brian Anderson, Ray J. Aramini, Kessenia Gagnon, Marie Hakmiller, Peter Poulos.--Registrars of Voters, Paula Ann Lescoe (D), Lynne P. Weeks (R).--Supt. of Schools, Paul Perzanoski.--Bd. of Education, John L. Adamo, Bruce T. Clements, Susan M. Collins, Manuel A. Diaz, Jr., Daniel B. Switchenko, 2005; Kenneth J. Folan, Chm., Mark W. Doyle, Paula M. Haney, Diane L. Rayhall, 2007.--Personnel Dir., Karen Levine.--Affirmative Action Bd., James Flores, Mildred D. Hazely, Derrick T. McBride, Ann E. Negron, Keyla T. Rodriguez, two vacancies.--Technology Mgr., Brian Hathaway.--Planning Comm., Matthew Vertefeuille, Chm., Claire Lary, Murphy A. Sewall, Paula L. Stahl, vacancy; Alternates, Jean A. Chaine, Marc A. Scrivener, vacancy.--Town Planner, James E. Finger.--Economic Development Coordinator, Ted Montgomery.--Zoning Comm., Clarence Sylvester, Chm., Norman J. Allard, Jr., Robert Bedard, Timothy J. DeVivo, Robert N. Horrocks; Alternates, Charles C. Krich, two vacancies.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Joseph J. A. Beaulieu, Robert A. Coutu, Ernest S. Eldridge, Susan Fiegel-Rapp, Charles C. Krich; Alternates, John E. Fortier, Karen L. Harris, Gerald G. Hart.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, vacancy.--Conservation and Open Space Comm., Michael Westerfield, Chm., Jean de Smet, Rebecca C. Grillo, Marsha Hilsenrad, Barbara J. McGrath; Alternates, three vacancies.--Inland-Wetland and Watercourses Comm., Herbert H. Bush, III, Chm., John M. Clausen, Douglas P. Fleming, James H. Poulin, Stephanie J. Smith; Alternates, Jana Butts, two vacancies.--Recreation Dir., Mark Paquette.--Social Services Dir., Donald Muirhead.--Library Bd., Judd C. Ayer, Chm., Eunice B. Edelman, Olga Kurnyk-Ezis, Tracey L. Lambert, Debra J. Lyons, Neil Mesick, R. Vaughn Newcombe, two vacancies.--Librarian, Theodore Perch.--Municipal Historian, vacancy.--Windham Historic Dist. Comm., William McMunn, Chm., Nancy L. Ames, Susan Herrick, David Masopust, Charles Thorpe; Alternates, Robin Dixon-Rouse, Donald Potter, Susan Wandell.--Agent for the Elderly, Cindy St. Martin.--Dir. of Health and Sanitation, William Blitz.--Public Works Foreman, Bradford P. Wojick.--Willimantic Housing Auth., John Naumec, Chm., Laurel Freeman, Muriel Perreault, Kay Roan, vacancy.--Housing Auth. Dir., Michael J. Westerfield.--Housing Code Inspector, vacancy.--Building Inspector, Donald Schultz.--Town Engineer, Joseph Gardner.--Sewer Supt., David Garand.--Water Supt., Jim Hooper.--Water Comm., J. Michael Callahan, Chm., Anna Hope, Elizabeth J. Huebner, Gary Jones, Edward Pelletier, Daniel R. Roth, Maxine J. Smith.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Rene L. Goss, Chm., Mary Burnore, Nita L. Indars, Arthur Kerouack, Charles H. Kratt, Leslie C. Lewis, David B. Page.--Police Chief, Lisa Maruzo-Bolduc.--Fire Chief, John Walsh.--Volunteer Fire Dept. Chiefs, Raymond Miles (North Windham), John Chapman (South Windham), Mark Herrick (Windham Center).--Dir. of Civil Preparedness, Donald Muirhead.--Town Atty., Richard S. Cody.--Justices of the Peace, Margaret A. Appleton, Joy Donovan, Mark Doyle, Marvin B. Edelman, Susan Fiegel-Rapp, Kenneth J. Folan, Phillip Haddad, Susan M. Johnson, Roger G. Lizee, Lorraine M. McDevitt, John J. McGrath, Jr., Thomas J. McNally, Jr., Thomas Millerd, Lourdes E. Montalvo, Yolanda Negron, Dawn Niles, George H. Patros, Louis J. Perrone, Jr., Diane Potvin, Nina O. Ricardez, Jose R. Rosario, Sandra A. Tedford, Rosa E. Tirado, Lynne P. Weeks, Michael J. Westerfield.

WINDSOR. Hartford County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council, town meeting.)--Settled, Sept. 26, 1633; named, Feb., 1637. Total area, 31.1 sq. miles, Land area, 29.6 sq. miles. Population, est., 28,565. Voting districts, 7. Principal industries, power generation, aerospace, insurance, computer aided design and manufacturing software development, medical technology, financial services, manufacturing of computer components, electronics, machine tools, adhesives, measuring devices, automotive parts, air movement equipment, and shade grown tobacco. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Amtrak and buses of Conn. Transit from Hartford. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Windsor and Poquonock.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Kathleen K. Quin; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 275 Broad St., P.O. Box 472, 06095-0472; Tel., (860) 285-1902; FAX, (860) 285-1909; E-Mail, townclerk@townofwindsorct.com; Internet, www.townofwindsorct.com/.--Deputy Town Clerk, Agnes M. Pier.--Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Deborah Bouvier, Thelma London, Agnes M. Pier.--Town Manager, Peter Souza; Asst., vacancy.--Town Council, Donald S. Trinks, Mayor; Timothy Curtis, Deputy; Paul G. Broxterman, Sonja Dean, Stephen Ellingwood, Donald Jepsen, Jr., Wayne G. Mulligan, Alan J. Simon, Lenworth L. Walker, Sr.--Treas., Randall I. Graff.--Bd. of Ethics, James R. Parker, Chm., George T. Griffin, James Mason, George F. Morganthaler, Jack Wall.--Finance Dir., Gregg Pavitt.--Tax Collector, Corinne Aldinger.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Milo Peck, Chm., Richard Loucks, vacancy; Alternates, Randall I. Graff, Julia H. Tashjian, Kenneth Wilkos.--Assessor, Steven Kosofsky.--Registrars of Voters, Anita M. Mips (D), Karen A. Andrews (R).--Supt. of Schools, Elizabeth Feser.--Bd. of Education, Jane M. Garibay, Pres., John C. Eichner, Adam Gutcheon, William H. Herzfeld, Michael McDonald, Catherine Moreton, Paul J. Panos, Ernest T. Perrault, Brenda B. Person.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Anita M. Mips, Chm., Timothy J. Fitzgerald, David Kelsey, Elizabeth B. Parker, Karl R. Profe; Alternates, Katherine Chiodo, Robert Dallesander, Michael O'Brien.--Town Planner, Mario Zavarella.--Public Building Comm., Joseph A. Novak, Jr., Chm., Leon Alford, Robert E. Gustafson, Richard J. Hazelton, Gary Johnson; Alternates, James Bennet, Milo Peck.--Building Official, Wayne McKinney.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Frances R. Rothenberg, Chm., Joseph J. Breen, John Cowan, Max R. Kuziak, Helene H. Shay; Alternates, Thomas Ferranti, Roseanne M. Lombardo, vacancy.--Economic Development Comm., David Earley, Chm., Sharran Selig Bennett, Randall I. Graff, Mark Griffin, Peter Gross, Rufus Jones, Daniel Lynch, James Martin, Tim Rice; Ex officios, Jane Garibay, Meredith Moseley.--Housing Auth., John T. Pier, Chm., Rita Melley Coyne, Vice Chm., Michael Bivans, Mary Drost, Charles Patsky.--Housing Code Bd. of Appeals, John Bruno, Chm., Andrew Dowe, Frank Jacobs, Jr., Jonathan H. Sasportas, vacancy.--Conservation Comm., Frank Davis, Chm., Ann Beaudin, James Desautelle, Richard Dolliver, Margaret Harvey, Samuel T. Hinckley, Fay Clark Johnson, Blaise Rogovich, Colette P. Yeich, vacancy; Alternates, Paul Cipriano, Theresa Langevin, vacancy.--Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Comm., Edward Borowski, Garry V. Crossen, Kenneth R. Herman, Linda Kollmorgen, Jill Levine, N. Philip Lord, Jr., Robert McCarron, Charles Vola, vacancy; Alternates, Dean Massey, vacancy; Agent, Cyd Groff.--Historic Dist. Comm., Christopher Watts, Chm., William J. Melley, Vice Chm., Heather Groenstein, Marcia Hinckley, Jacqueline Reardon, Colette P. Yeich; Alternates, Loretta Raney, Lori Ritmann-Clark.--Municipal Historian, Christine Ermenc.--Human Relations Comm., Max R. Kuziak, Chm., Paul Giampolo, Nellie Holmes Mason, Yvonne Mitto, F. Evelyn Smith, Frank Stewart, Leonard Swade, William Warner-Prouty; Alternates, Joyce Armstrong, Colin Edwards, two vacancies.--Comm. on Aging and Handicapped, Lee Hoffman, Chm., Susan Viner, Vice Chm., Nancy Casasanta, Gale H. Deming, Shirley P. Hallett, L'amour Howell, Estelle LaBarre, Linda Rickard, Judith Swade, Stephanie Wall; Alternates, two vacancies.--Insurance Comm., Edward W. Samolyk, Chm., Charles Erickson, Roger Martindale, Alan Relyea, David A. Ross.--Health Dir./Emergency Management Dir., Charles J. Petrillo, Jr., Ph.D.--Dir. of Human Services, Robin Newman.--Town Forester, vacancy.--Police Chief, Kevin Searles.--Constables, John Drost, Kenneth R. Herman, Norman C. Nadeau.--Fire Chief, William Lewis.--Fire Marshal, Raymond Walker.--Town Attys., O'Malley, Deneen, Messina and Oswecki.--Justices of the Peace, John J. Ahern, Jr., Domenico B. Albano, Judy F. Albano, Joseph E. Alfieri, Lourdes M. Andre, Karen A. Andrews, Robert M. Andrews, Priscilla A. August, James Babb, Eric Michael Bailey, Sharran Selig Bennett, David F. Blough, Ervin Booker, Jr. III, Thomas Bouvier, Joseph J. Breen, Michael G. Bunk, Leo C. Canty, Susan M. Canty, Jordan J. Carreira, Kathleen M. Carroll, Vivian J. Cicero, Rita Melley Coyne, Garry V. Crosson, Gale H. Deming, Michael A. Donegan, Tracy Y. Douglas, Everett B. Dowe, Jr., John N. Drost, Robert L. Ellis, Ruth C. Fahrbach, Elka M. P. Finkenstein, Timothy J. Fitzgerald, Ina A. Forman, Jane M. Garibay, Audrey M. Garvin, Ronald T. Gaylord, David A. Gillette, Randall I. Graff, Sandra K. Gustafson, Adam Gutcheon, Shirley P. Hallett, Richard J. Hazelton, Rita T. Holby, Shelley M. Johnson, Marylou W. Karieva, Marion S. Keisch, Elizabeth B. Kenneson, Gordon W. Kenneson, Joel P. Kent, Joseph E. Kitchens, Gabriela Kossakoski, Maryann Kurth-Garza, Thomas J. Laufer, Sr., Roseanne M. Lombardo, Thomas G. Martin, Jr., Marsha L. Mason, Nellie Holmes Mason, Bruce W. McCormick, Anita M. Mips, Rosemarie A. Miskavitch, Louis E. Morando, George F. Morganthaler, Marcia G. Munoz, Laura S. Mycka, Norman C. Nadeau, Michael O'Brien, Mary Ann Overbaugh, Barbara A. Palmer, Elizabeth B. Parker, James R. Parker, John T. Pier, Jennifer A. Pike, Robert A. Platt, Karl Robert Profe, Joyce Ann Ptak, John J. Quigley, Jr., Jacqueline M. Reardon, Mary C. Reardon, Frances R. Rothenberg, Edward W. Samolyk, Helene H. Shay, Gail N. Spagnoli, Michael D. Spagnoli, Julia H. Tashjian, Glenn C. Thompson, Warnie J. Walker, John A. Wall.

WINDSOR LOCKS. Hartford County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1854; taken from Windsor. Located on west side of Conn. River, on main route from Hartford to Springfield, MA. Home of Bradley International Airport. Total area, 9.4 sq. miles, Land area, 9.0 sq. miles. Population, est., 12,256. Voting districts, 2. Principal industries, food servicing and distribution, manufacture of aerospace products, paper products, electronics and machines. Federal Reserve Clearing House. Transp.--Passenger: Served by Amtrak, transcontinental and transoceanic airlines, buses of Conn. Transit Commuter Express, Dattco Bus, Inc. and Peter Pan Lines service between Springfield, MA, Bradley International and Hartford; limousine service available from Bradley International Airport. Freight: Served by Conrail, all principal airlines and numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Windsor Locks. Carrier service and rural free delivery.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, William R. Hamel; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon. through Wed.; 8:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M., Thurs.; 8:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Office Bldg., 50 Church St., 06096-0412; Tel., (860) 627-1441; Internet, www.munic.state.ct.us/WINDSOR_LOCKS/windsor_locks.htm; FAX, (860) 292-1121.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Martha C. Cronin, Eileen G. Riner, Polly Ann Storms.--Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, John J. Lee.--Selectmen, 1st, Jeffrey J. Ives (D) Tel., (860) 627-1444, Denise T. Balboni (R), Joseph R. Calsetta (D).--Treas., Eleanor H. Leonard; Deputy, Barbara Bertrand.--Bd. of Finance, Malcolm K. Hamilton, Chm., Douglas C. Glazier, Ronald N. King, Andrew J. Kulas, Cornelius O'Leary, Steven N. Wawruck, Jr.; Alternates, Michelle I. Hill, Jeffrey R. Krug.--Tax Collector, Donna S. Kupernik.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, James E. Cannon III, Joseph H. LaPierre, Jr., Karen E. Reid.--Bd. of Assessors, Catherine M. Jeffery, Chm., Mark C. Cenci, Gary W. LaPalme.--Assessor, Donna M. Murphy.--Registrars of Voters, Eleanor H. Leonard (D), Sandra R. Hebert (R).--Supt. of Schools, Susan W. O'Brien.--Bd. of Education, Patricia L. King, Chm., Brenda O. Ives, Ralph W. Leiper, 2005; Margaret M. Byrne, Douglas A. Hamilton, 2007.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Alan M. Gannuscio, Chm., Kimberly A. Blackburn, Marshall H. Brown, Michelle J. Phelps, Vincent Zimnoch; Joseph R. Russo, ex officio; Alternates, Ralph Leiper, Brian P. Michaud, Janet Ramsay.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Robert S. Tarascio, Chm., Howard H. Aspinwall, Jerre L. Forbes, Shane O'Connor, Robert S. Rosenberg, vacancy; Alternates, Margaret M. Byrne, Joseph W. Lawsing, Donna B. LeBlanc.--Economic and Industrial Development Comm., Norman H. Boucher, Chm., Richard P. Brown, Jr., Kellie A. Cameron, Michael S. Ciarcia, Joe Doering, Richard Pease, Carl Philbrick, Janet Ramsey, Eric J. Refsnider, vacancy.--Housing Code Review Bd., Joseph C. Becker, Chm., David M. Ford, Fred R. Miclon, Raymond H. Ouellette, vacancy.--Housing Auth., Edward V. Sabotka, Chm., Helen P. Olisky, Lewis B. Pultz, Sr., Helen T. Ryan, Franc G. Taylor; Betty Ann Reilly, Exec. Dir.--Conservation Comm., Richard J. Frawley, Chm., William A. Howes, Eleanor J. Leonard, Roger E. Nelson, Mihir K. Patel; Alternates, Roger Sullivan, vacancy.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Diane G. Dulka, Chm., Howard H. Aspinwall, Marshall H. Brown, Nicholas J. Giaccone, Jr., William C. Hamilton, Gary LaPalme, Michael J. Malone, John D. McSweegan III, Pauline G. Taylor; Alternates, Joseph Lawsing, vacancy.--Conn. River Assembly, Richard J. Frawley; Alternate, vacancy.--Municipal Resource Recovery Auth., Carol R. Cutler, Susan H. Landolina, Gary B. LeClair, Karen Reid, Janice L. Zdun, two vacancies; Alternates, Raymond Ruel, Roger W. Sullivan.--Comm. on Needs of the Aging, Lacinda VanGieson, Chm., Carole Cook, Stanley Downs, Marcia H. Hickey, Edward E. Lanati, George J. Mumblo, Barbara Sullivan, Frances M. Urbank, vacancy; John Sullivan, Municipal Agent; Janet Leiper, Welfare Coordinator.--Welfare Dir., Jeffrey J. Ives.--Dir. of Health, William H. Blitz, M.P.H.R.S. (P.O., Enfield).--North Central Health Dist. Rep., Matthew Farr, Janet Leiper.--Librarian, Gloria Malec.--Municipal Historian, vacancy.--Park Comm., Philip F. Famiglietti, Chm., Dennis A. Gragnolati, James M. Hussey, J. Christopher Kervick, William J. Latorra, Darren J. Netto.--Dir. of Recreation, David L. Farr.--Dir. of Public Works, Scott Lappen.--Tree Warden, Scott Lappen.--Town Engineer, J. R. Russo and Associates.--Building Inspector, James Plumridge.--Housing Code of Appeals Bd., David M. Ford, Melvin E. Hendershot, Shirley O. King, Edward J. Langan, Shane P. O'Conner; Alternates, Mark C. Cenci, L. Jean Glazier.--Sewer Comm./Water Pollution Control Auth., Jeffrey J. Ives, Pres., Denise T. Balboni, Joseph R. Calsetta, Roger J. Ignazio, Gary A. Laurito, Kenneth A. McCauley, Jr., John D. McSweegan III, vacancy; ex officios, Scott Lappen, Joseph R. Russo.--Chief of Police, John T. Suchocki, Jr.--Police Comm., Neal F. Cunningham, Chm., James E. Gaylord, George M. Hall, Edward E. Lanati, Roger E. Nelson, Christine E. Smedick.--Constables, Michael J. Biedrzycki, James E. Cannon III, Mark C. Cenci, Hugh Donagher, Daniel A. Flanagan, Dennis A. Gragnolati, George M. Hall.--Chief of Fire Dept., Gary F. Ruggiero.--Fire Marshal, Michael L. Sinsigalli.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Alan C. Keney, Chm., Nicholas J. Giaccone, Jr., David G. Montemerlo, Daniel F. Riley, Sr.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Victor J. Puia.--Town Atty., Christopher Stone.--Justices of the Peace, Carolyn T. Banas, Margaret M. Byrne, James E. Cannon III, Suzanne O. Cannon, Lyle H. Cate, Elizabeth A. Cenci, Joseph W. Flynn, L. Jean Glazier, Saul Goldfarb, Jane V. Hall, William R. Hamel, Douglas A. Hamilton, Mark Horan, Edward E. Lanati, Camille J. Miller, Margaret M. Sayers, Dale A. Storms.

WINSTED. CITY OFFICERS. CITY OFFICERS. (City named, Jan., 1917.)--Mayor, Maryann D. Welcome (D).--Supt. of Police, Nicholas Guerriero.--Supt. of Fire Dept., Joseph Beadle.--Supt. of Public Works, Patrick E. Hague.

(See Town of Winchester for other officials.)

WOLCOTT. New Haven County.--(Form of government, mayor, town council, finance officer.)--Inc., May, 1796; taken from Waterbury and Southington. Total area, 21.1 sq. miles, Land area, 20.4 sq. miles. Population, est., 16,024. Voting districts, 3. Principal industries, agriculture and manufacture of tools, novelties, etc. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of the Bonanza Bus Lines, Inc. from Waterbury and Hartford. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Wolcott.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Elaine L. King; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 10 Kenea Ave., 06716-2114; Tel., (203) 879-8100, Ext. 112; FAX, (203) 879-8105; Internet, www.wolcottct.com/.--Asst. Clerk, Eleanor M. Maurice.--Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Lorraine Bell, Eleanor M. Maurice, Dolores C. Slater.--Mayor, Thomas G. Dunn (I).--Town Council, Dist. 1, David Gentile, Vice Chm., Thomas W. Caisse, David R. Valletta; Dist. 2, Anthony J. Marino, Francis E. Masi, Michael V. Perrone; Dist. 3, George A. Babcock, Chm., Paul M. Massimo, Mark C. Wagner.--Treas., Roger E. Levesque.--Bd. of Ethics, Joan Kane, Chm., Bonnie Gagnon, Roberta Leonard, Francis Masi, John McCarthy, Mark Wagner.--Tax Collector, Lorraine M. McQueen.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Robert P. Sherman, Chm., Carol R. Gladchuck, Brett F. Muccino.--Assessor, Pamela K. Deziel.--Registrars of Voters, Sylvia D. Sheron (D), Eileen Watts-Bosco (R).--Supt. of Schools, Thomas M. Smyth.--Bd. of Education, Michael J. Santogatta, Chm., Ralph F. Shove, Jr., Vice Chm., Michael J. Carrah, James E. Cosgrove, Jacqueline A. Dawiczyk, Kathleen S. Halpin, Philip A. Mongelluzzo, Patricia B. Najarian, James Pape, 2005.--Planning and Zoning Comm., David Borzellino, Chm., Gary Fox, Margaret Guggliotti, Clarence Pierpont, Theodore Storlazzi; Alternates, Michael Bokon, Albert Della Volpe, Marjorie Scott, Peter Sheehan.--Consulting Town Planner, Central Naugatuck Regional Planning Agency.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, John H. Synnott, Jr., Chm., Sharon Anderson, Steven J. Grant, Cathe B. Sherman, Denise Taravella; Alternates, Raymond Agrizone, Chris Edquist, Walter Rogers.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, George Leggio.--Industrial and Development Comm., James Donohue, Linda Fercodini, Carol Gladchuck, Timothy McAvoy, Mark Monterosso, DeAnna Morelli, Diane Pritt.--Housing Auth., Jeri Aldi, Linda Evans, Jeff Hubeny, Herman Mueller, John Vastola, vacancy.--Conservation Comm., Thomas Levesque, Chm., Anthony Bell, Jr., Esther Medford, Lynne Morytko, Rose Perrelli.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Mark Garrigus, Chm., Floyd Cullins, Roberta Leonard, John Levesque, Steven Olderman, Rose Perrelli, Matthew Sanford; Alternates, Dave Kalinowski, Patti Stankevicius, Richard Tucker.--Comm. on Aging, Douglas Coley, Agent/Chm., Ann Marino, Florence Marino, Michael McCartney, Lorraine McQueen, JoAnn Muscillo, Paul Scirpo, Alma Smith, Marie Trerice, Shirley Wagner.--Comm. on Handicapped, Frances Culver, Chm., Sandra Amato, Frances Carter, JoAnn Crandall, Nancy Cuifalo, Maureen Culver, Kay DeNegris, Brian Doonan, Sheila Levanti, Kim Lukos, Robert Magaraci, Lois Pecka, Edward Rolandi, Thomas Rossi, Sharon Valerio.--Welfare Dir., Douglas Coley.--Dir. of Health/Sanitarian, Chesprocott Health Dist. (P.O., Cheshire).--Library Dirs., Judy Caisse, Lynn Garbacik, Mary Hunt, Donna Kelsey, Emily T. Levesque, Vera Marshall, Rosemary Nicolo, Susan Phelan, Ed Stubbs, Edward Widziewicz.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Brett Muccino, Chm., Denise Babcock, John E. Curley, Harry Najarian, Richard San Angelo, Robert Sherman.--Dir. of Parks and Recreation, Paula Podzunas.--Purchasing Agent, Linda Bruce.--Dir. of Public Works, vacancy.--Building Inspector, Kenneth J. Smoil.--Building Code of Appeals, Clifford Chasse, James Flynn, Donald Luth.--Water and Sewer Auth., Albert Podzunas, Chm., Donald Charette.--Chief of Police, Paul Scirpo.--Constables, Robert P. Castriciano, Louis P. Dubois, Paul J. Gallucci, George F. Leggio, Joseph W. Meaney, Raymond C. Watts, Jr.--Chief of Fire Dept., Kyle Dunn.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Chester Sergey; Deputy, Russell Emons.--Fire Marshal, Russell Emons.--Town Atty., Brian Tynan.--Justices of the Peace, Sandra A. Andrade, George A. Babcock, Tammy A. Breen, Robert P. Castriciano, Martha L. Child, Dennis H. Cleary, Virginia A. Cookson, Marlene C. Cossette, Erminia S. Costa, Anna M. Ficeto, Ursala A. Guglielmo, Joan L. Kane, Mildred T. Kovic, Roberta E. Leonard, Emily T. Levesque, Rita R. Longo, Eleanor M. Maurice, John S. Mazurek, John C. McCarthy, James M. McQueen, Linda Minervini, Alice G. Moss, Patricia A. Najarian, Linda J. Ricard, Vernon H. Russell, Michael J. Santogatta, Leigh-Anne Sastre-Bush, Dolores C. Slater, Theodore F. Storlazzi, William F. Tynan, Robert A. Vitvitsky, Rosemary D. West, Edward S. Wilensky, Gail Zotto.

WOODBRIDGE. New Haven County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Jan., 1784; taken from New Haven and Milford. Total area, 19.2 sq. miles, Land area, 18.8 sq. miles. Population, est., 9,249. Voting district, 1. Principal industry, agriculture; mostly a suburban residential town. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office, R.F.D. Woodbridge. Rural free delivery from New Haven post office. Voted permit for all alcoholic liquor, 2003.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Stephanie Ciarleglio; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Recording Hours, 8:30 A.M.-3:30 P.M.; Address, Town Hall, 11 Meetinghouse La., 06525; Tel., (203) 389-3422; Internet, www.woodbridgect.org; E-Mail, sciarleglio@ci.woodbridge.ct.us; FAX, (203) 389-3473.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Karen Berchem, Marcella Naylor, Eleanor S. Sheehy, Anne Walhimer.--Selectmen, 1st, Amey W. Marrella (R) Tel., (203) 389-3402, Christopher R. Dickerson (R), James K. Sabshin (D), Edward M. Sheehy (D), Christian M. Sorensen (R), Sandra T. Stein (D).--Moderator, Town Meeting, Lawrence Greenberg (R); Deputy Moderator, James Brownstein (R).--Treas./Finance Dir., Anthony T. Genovese.--EMS Comm., Richard Fearon, M.D., Chm., Marvin Aarons, M.D., Jamie Gerber, M.D., Vincent Romei, Alan Tyma.--Bd. of Ethics, Vincent A. Romei, Chm., Barbara Amatruda, Rev. Gene Gianelli, Barbara Wurtzel.--Bd. of Finance, Matthew Giglietti, Chm., Janet Barillari, Stephen B. Francis, George Giering, Douglas A. Ross, Sandra T. Stein.--Tax Collector, Patricia Crisco.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Matthew P. Potochney, Chm., Robyn H. Berke, Gregory M. Coyne.--Assessor, Betsy Quist.--Registrars of Voters, Elizabeth R. Heller (D), L. Christine Laydon (R).--Supt. of Schools, Marjorie Anctil, EdD.--Bd. of Education, Leslie C. Martino, Chm., Michael F. Ewing, Carl W. Lindskog, Sheila E. Saltzman, 2007; David H. Barkin, Susan M. Kelley, Sheila McCreven, Debra W. Pines, Carolyn B. Wolff, 2009.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Donald Celotto, Jr., Chm., Michael Broderick, Norman Fineberg, David King, Warren Luciani, Joseph Palmieri; Alternates, William Fox, Gilbert Hogan, Michael Lohne.--Town Planner, vacancy.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Philip L. DeGennaro, Sandra L. Elias, Mark Kohler, Lynn A. Piascyk, Alan Rice; Alternates, Henry J. Nusbaum, Peter Parente, Louis Ritucci.--Development and Industrial Comm., Ernest Britton III, Frederick Carasone, Giovanni DelSanto, Jody P. Ellant, Charles Gamble, William R. Montross, Louis Testa, Jr., Diane Urbano.--Conservation Comm., Kathryn Gartland, Chm., Kenneth Colabella, Paul H. Decoster, Maria K. Kayne, Cathy Shufro, James Urbano, Michael Walter.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Robert Blythe, Chm., David Ray Bixler, Sharon deKadt, Katherine Hubbard, David Moore; Alternates, Julie Kohler, Susan Shaw.--Human Services Comm., Lisa Arpaia, Chm., Mary Lee Barker, Frank Cappiello, Kelly Carpentier, Janet Ciarleglio, Dr. Louis M. DeNegre, Elizabeth Fearon, Janice A. Miller, Angela Santacroce.--Quinnipiack Valley Health Dist. Reps., Dr. Louis M. DeNegre, vacancy.--Library Dirs., Elias Alexiades, Chm., Theresa Burr-Bahner, Virginia B. Calistro, Lucia Connelly, Anna Dickerson, Jeanette Kordiak, Thomas Shernow, Melissa Silverstone, John Stewart.--Town Historian, Reverdy Whitlock.--Recreation Comm., Stanley Gedansky, Chm., Steven Conn, Janet Hershman, James McVeety, Dwight Rowland, Robin Schaffer, Kim Smith.--Publicly Owned Properties Comm., Anthony Schaffer, Chm., Maria Courtney, Ron Hedberg, Donald Menzies, Harold Smullen, vacancy.--Sperry Park Comm., John Adamovich, Chm., Nedra Crane, Robert Gregg, Winchester L. Hubbard, Robin Kenefick, Polly Schulz.--Facilities Dept. Operations Mgr., Warren Connors.--Building Inspector, Terry Gilbertson.--Building Bd. of Appeals, Michael Lohne, Chm., Jay Alpert, Bruce Schaefer, Ronald Wyda, Igor Zakoworotny.--Sewer Auth., Edwin Lieberman, Chm., Chris DeLeone, Marc Estra, Charles D. Gamble, Jeffrey Ginsberg.--Chief of Police/Civil Preparedness Dir., Eugene Marcucci.--Police Comm., Brian Luciani, Chm., David Burke, Stephen Falcigno, Randy Kaoud, Tina C. Weiner.--Chief of Fire Dept., Andrew Esposito.--Fire Marshal, Michael Cavanagh.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Beth Heller, Chm., Malcolm Baldwin, William Burt, Peter D. Hershman, Christine Laydon.--Town Counsel, Joanne D'Angelo.--Justices of the Peace, Ceasar Anquillare, Lisa Arpaia, Russell Arpaia, Susan Baldwin, Janet Barillari, Mary Lee Barker, David Barkin, Robert Berke, Theresa Burr-Bahner, Virginia B. Calistro, Jessica Carrano, Vincent Carrano, Donald W. Celotto, Jr., Janet Ciarleglio, Stephanie Ciarleglio, Kenneth Colabella, Pat Crisco, Chris DeLeone, Christopher Dickerson, Judy Ferrentino, Kristy Ferro, Geraldine Giering, Lawrence Grotheer, Eric Grubman, Roger Harrison, Peter Hart, Joseph F. Hellauer, Jr., Beth Heller, Peter Hershman, Scott Hovey, Richard Jackson, Susan Jacobs, Howard Kantrovitz, Jeffrey Kaufman, Thomas Kenefick, Myrna Kleeman, Christine Laydon, Jeffrey Laydon, Arlene Levine, Mark Levine, Michael A. Lohne, Harwood Loomis, Marco Macci, Sheila McCreven, Alice Miskimin, Laura S. Mitler, Samuel Mizzoni, Marcella Naylor, Lynn A. Piacyk, Matthew Potochney, Dori Reineke, Peter L. Ressler, Alan Rice, Daniel Russbach, James Sabshin, John Santucci, Ellen Scalettar, Edward M. Sheehy, Eleanor Sheehy, Elbert Siegel, Melissa Silverstone, Benson Snaider, Michael Soufrine, Lisa Stanger, James Swimmer, Alan Tyma, Anne Walhimer, Edward Walsh, Gerald Weiner, Tina Weiner, Mary Wilson.

WOODBURY. Litchfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Named, May, 1673. Total area, 36.7 sq. miles, Land area, 36.5 sq. miles. Population, est., 9,557. Voting districts, 2. Principal industries, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and mining. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Woodbury. Rural free delivery to part of the town.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Rita E. Connelly; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Fri. (for information on summer hours, call Town Clerk's Office); Address, 275 Main St. South, P.O. Box 369, 06798-0369; Internet, www.woodburyct.org/; Tel., (203) 263-2144; FAX, (203) 263-5477.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Suzanne Cooper, Theresa A. Sherwood.--Selectmen, 1st, Richard W. Crane (R) Tel., (203) 263-2141, Charles M. Bartlett, (R), Paul D. Hinckley (D).--Treas., Manuel I. Gomes.--Bd. of Finance, William T. Drakeley, Chm., Robert B. Cowles, Jane C. DeVries, Richard M. Famiglietti, Deborah A. Fuller, Debra A. Tietz.--Tax Collector, Linda G. Lewis.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Nancy A. Mackey, Chm., Carl G. Braun, Sandra B. Petkus.--Assessor, Sylvia Keiser.--Registrars of Voters, Abby R. Grondona (D), Ethel E. Follett (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. David Pendelton.--Planning Comm., Andrew Peklo III, Chm., Bette Geraci, Donald H. Judson, Jane H. Sandulli, Robert W. Travers; Alternates, Mary J. Connolly, George W. Hale III, Todd A. Woodward.--Public Building Comm., William Barthelmess, Chm., Edward J. Fenn, Jr., Bryan E. Nettleton, Frank E. Shepard, Jr., vacancy.--Town Planner, Chris Wood.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, James Testa.--Land Use Admin., Judi Lynch.--Zoning Comm., Martin S. Overton, Chm., Robert F. Clarke, David B. Cowles, Barbara K. Perkinson, Theodore Tietz, Jr.; Alternates, Charles E. Cosgriff, Roberta Zulpa, vacancy.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Peter F. Rutigliano, Chm., Walter J. Golymbieski, Guenter E. Herd, Thomas A. Kaelin, Michael A. Novak; Alternates, Nicholas S. Judson, Edward H. Scoville, Jr., vacancy.--Conservation Comm., Frederick R. Leavenworth, Chm., Henry R. DeVries, Virginia Hart, Dione Hutton, J. Lawrence Pond, Claudette M. Volage, vacancy.--Inland Wetlands Agency, Mary E. Tyrrell, Chm., Earl H. Gillette, Jr., Charles F. Lewis, Martha L. Newell, Robert F. Walleck; Alternates, Donald W. Richards, Jr., Susan D. Windesheim, David C. Withnell.--Historic Dist. Comm., Barbara Gardella, Chm., Maureen K. Donnarumma, William T. Drakeley, Jr., Lois Fiftal, Marion Griswold; Alternates, Susan Cheatham, Paul Hadzima, vacancy.--Municipal Historian, Frederick T. Strong.--Comm. for the Elderly, Karen Lindahl, Chm., Sharon Botelle-Sherman, Grace Carey, Loryn A. J. Ray, Sargent N. Tower; Alternates, Mary-Kate Gill, Carroll H. Michener.--Municipal Agent, Marjorie M. Ross.--Dir. of Health, Neal Lustig.--Library Trustees, Sylvia Herbstritt, Chm., Jane Gallager, Michael McCormack, Dorothy G. Russo, Nancy Taylor, Wrey S. Trompeter; Pat Lunn, Dir.--Park and Recreation Comm., Kathleen Johnson, Chm., Katharine Nichols, Catherine Paoli, Michael Riordan, Vincent Tomkalski; Jenifer N.B. Miller, Dir.; Leslie Gamsjager, Clerk; Alternates, Richard F. Astyk, R. A. Villanova.--Dir. of Public Works, David Monckton.--Building Inspector, Gary Testa.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Jeffrey Leavenworth, Chm., James Churchill, Walter J. Golymbieski, Henry W. Hart, Michael Novak.--Sanitarian, Nancy Kontout.--Chief of Police, Richard W. Crane.--Resident State Trooper, Sgt. Paul Hufcut.--Police Officers, Thomas Accuosti, Edward Anderson, Terrance Langin, Dana Lent, Fred Marcantonia, Howard A. Northrop, Alex Roberts, Lawrence Rockhill, George P. Romano, Thomas Story, Stephen Tokarz.--Chief of Fire Dept., Janet B. Morgan; Deputy, Lee Warner.--Fire Marshal, Janet B. Morgan; Deputy Marshals, Michael Devine, Michael Smarz.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., L. Owen Tooker, Chm., Gordon Burritt, William J. Butterly, Jr., George L. Gomez, D. Mirabilio.--Emergency Management Dir., Janet B. Morgan.--Town Attys., Carmody and Torrance.--Justices of the Peace, Richard R. Antico, Margaret M. Baldrige, Cynthia B. Bennett, Audre P. Capaldo, Peter M. Clark, Anne C. Cushman, Louis C. DeLuca, Diane B. Heavens, Thomas O. McEvoy, Susan Spielberg, Thomas M. Story, Margaret R. Warner, Kathryn C. Yarhouse.

WOODMONT.* BOROUGH OFFICERS. P.O., c/o Clerk, 31 Clinton St., Woodmont 06460; Tel., (203) 874-4430.--Warden, Richard J. Austin.--Sr. Burgess, Phyllis Medvedow.--Burgesses, Edward W. Bonessi, Jr., April Hunt, Phyllis Medvedow, Joseph F. Sastre, Christopher Schmeisser, Irvin D. Zeidenberg.--Clerk/Secy., Robin Brady-Boxwell.--Treas., Claire N. Zeidenberg.--Tax Collector, James Halloran.--Constable, James W. Coleman.--Auditors, Ellen R. Austin, Linda M. Casey.

*See City of Milford.

WOODSTOCK. Windham County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Settled, 1686; named New Roxbury; name changed, March, 1690, to Woodstock. Annexed to Conn., May, 1749. Total area, 61.8 sq. miles, Land area, 60.5 sq. miles. Population, est., 7,685. Voting district, 1. Principal industries, agriculture and manufacture of electrical switches, jet aircraft components, microporous plastics, fancy soaps, toiletries, gourmet foods, and fiberglass components. Transp.--Passenger: None. Freight and express: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Woodstock, East Woodstock, South Woodstock. Voted Limited Liquor Permit, 1974.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Judy W. Alberts; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon., Tues. and Thurs.; 8:30 A.M.-6:00 P.M., Wed.; 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Office Bldg., 415 Rte. 169, 06281-3039; Tel., Putnam, (860) 928-6595; Internet, www.townofwoodstock.com/; E-Mail, townclerk@townofwoodstock.com; FAX, (860) 963-7557.--Asst. Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Christine G. French.--Selectmen, 1st, Delpha M. Very (R) Tel., (860) 928-0208, Michael L. Alberts (R), D. Mitchell Eaffy (D).--Treas., Barbara P. Rich.--Bd. of Finance, Russell J. Dowd, David A. Hosmer, Shirley E. Rapose, Everett G. Shepard III, Richard A. Wisneski, Suzanne Woodward; Alternates, Kathleen E. Claprood, Glenn H. Converse, Margaret Wholean.--Tax Collector, Gale C. Garceau; Asst., Denise Earle.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Frederick M. Chmura, Edward N. Larson, Nancy J. Nystrom.--Assessor, Lynn Byberg; Asst., Dorothy C. Berube.--Registrars of Voters, Constance T. Maynard (D), Elizabeth L. Brooks (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Frank Baran.--Bd. of Education, Jay F. Livernois, Leah M. Paine, Lindsay Paul, 2005; Romeo A. Blackmar, Christine J. Lessig, Charles G. Snow, Jr., 2007; Francis Lincoln Corden, William P. Loftus III, Christine Swenson, 2009.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Duane Frederick, Chm., Joseph E. Breen, Stephen G. Child, David T. Claprood, Gail L. Dickinson, Frederick C. Rich, Alexander H. Rotival, Thomas R. Swale, H. Dexter Young; Alternates, Edwin Voderheide, two vacancies.--Town Planner, John Guszkowski.--Economic Development Comm., Karen A. Carr, Kenneth M. Goldsmith, Paul D. Lynn, Chandler Paquette, John C. Pillo.--Housing Auth., Nancy M. Gale, Chm., Lois A. Banister, Virginia Barry, Patricia Douglas, Warren A. Hunt.--Conservation Comm., Paul S. Wilbur, Chm., Medora Fraga, Kenneth Goldsmith, William P. Loftus III, Jean H. Pillo, James Reck, Nathaniel Shedd, Edwin Von Derheide, Lee Wesler, Elizabeth A. Zimmerman, vacancy; Alternates, three vacancies.--Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency, Charles G. Snow, Jr., Chm., Frank Abissi, Glenn G. Boies, George P. Looby, Mark A. Parker, James Reck, Daniel E. Very; Alternates, three vacancies.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Robert R. Reichel, Sr., Chm., William A. T. Cassedy, Nelson E. Douglas, William P. Pekarovic, Harold Rohloff; Alternates, Jayme E. Stamper, two vacancies.--Agent for the Elderly, Constance T. Maynard.--Acting Dir. of Health, Northeast Dist. Dept. of Health.--Recreation Comm., Terri J. Creedon, Leslee Ruggeri, David Walley, Mary Weaver, vacancy.--Building Official, Terry Bellman.--Tree Warden, William Rathbone, Jr.--Chief of Police, Delpha M. Very.--Constables, Paul G. Arvidson, Donald L. Genest, Jr., Dennis Hebert, Francis P. Kelly, Joseph F. McGrady, Janet Szpyrka.--Chiefs of Fire Depts., Joshua Bottone, Russell J. Dowd, Timothy D. Young.--Fire Marshal, Richard G. Baron; Deputy, Edward M. Munroe, Jr.--Civil Defense Dir., H. Dexter Young.--Town Counsel, Tyler, Cooper and Alcorn.--Justices of the Peace, Alfred S. Boote, Bruce Byberg, Paul N. Corrente, Theodore E. Demers, Karen L. Dimock, Linda Duffy, Denis Gobin, Sheila O. Mills, E. Reece Painter, Joseph W. A. Parker, Keith G. Pezzetti, David C. Philippi, Larson Seney, Everett G. Shepard III, Travis Sirrine, Teodor M. Teja, John W. Winstanley.

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